Hello Beautiful!

We are Mandy and Raychel...

The Co-Founders and Lead Coaches here at RAYMA Team.

We are two besties on a mission dedicated to equipping other women to rise up, lead well, and live with intention.

How long have we been besties?

It's hard to say for sure because we don't remember the exact date. However, it's a pretty good bet we have been Besties for over twenty years. (Gosh that makes us feel old!) We met in fourth or fifth grade at a small little Baptist Bible Camp and bonded over a love of singing and escaping group activities by hiding in our cabin while Mandy did her breathing treatments for cystic fibrosis. The rest was history!

Like all the men and women carrying the torch of entrepreneur before us, we too have a story that led us to starting this company. In fact, it started years ago with a bottle of wine, a dream, and a big blue couch.

But before we get too far into the dramatic tale, we need to tell you something super important...

We aren’t your gurus. We don't peddle a "one-size-fits-all" answer to success and happiness. We won’t blow a lot of hot air or waste your time with empty motivational phrases that mean zilch. What we will do is provide the ONE thing that can change your future. Coaching.

When you work with us, you'll find tools and accountability to reach your goals and be proud of yourself. And, we'll share our secrets of how we overcome health challenges and still keep rocking the entrepreneur life at the same time - it's a delicate dance some days! (Raychel is a spoonie as well, and she's currently waiting for an official diagnosis.)

We work primarily with women, but we love sharing Leadership Principles with Businesses, Schools, and Non-Profit Organizations, too. We also offer private coaching, coaching programs, speaking services, and books.


Our Co-Founders:

Raychel Perman

Fun facts about me:

I am proudly obsessed with Jeffree Star makeup, YA fiction (Go Team Jacob!), real crime documentaries, and the British royal family.

Meet Raychel and learn how to work with her

Mandy B. Anderson

Fun facts about me:

I love coffee in cute mugs, YA fiction (May the odds be ever in your favor and go Team Edward!), and stiletto shoes that are not made for walking.

Meet Mandy and learn how to work with her

Where we came from...

RAYMA Team didn't just pop out of the air one day. I mean the name did just drop into Mandy's head when she was running on the treadmill. But, in all seriousness it took years of digging ditches and laying the groundwork to get us here. It's a story full of hopes and dreams with mountain top experiences and crushing failures. There’s even a bit of scandal! It’s blockbuster material!

I wish we had the time to tell you all of it. Every nitty gritty detail. But we know you are busy living your life and building your dream life (and if you're not, we can help!) so we will give you the cliffs notes version…

Once upon a time in the land of 2012, there were two best friends who loved a blue couch very much. It wasn’t just an old piece of furniture, it was a magical place where they could snuggle into its faded cushions and laugh, cry, eat, and dream together. The couch was there for them in the good times, the bad times, and all the in-between times.

One night, a couple years after finding this much-loved couch, an idea transpired. Drunk on wine and revenge, these two besties decided to take back their stolen dreams and create something new. That night, their first LLC was born. And, the rest as they say, is history…

These days we sit on a cognac leather couch at Mandy's house when we need to process life. We've taken a few twists and turns on our journey of going from a company owned by two couples, to a company owned 100% by women. And you know what? Every setback, every mistake, every victory - mattered. Because it landed us here! With a strong conviction and return to our WHY.

So that’s the tale of how it all began, and how we ended up here. We can't wait to work with you and cheer you on in this one wild life that you get to live. 

Much love and with grace & grit,

~Mandy B. and Raych


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Mailing address: RAYMA Team, LLC 2720 East Broadway Avenue, Bismarck, ND 58501