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Raychel Perman

As a certified Coach, with a degree in Pysch and Christian counseling, I have a coaching style that is all my own. I work with people who are looking for tools and accountability to overcome challenges and make positive changes in their life, relationships, and career. I enjoy working with men, women, and couples and helping them live and lead well. 

Not sure what you would want to work on? Here are a few ideas we could focus on: 

Entrepreneur or Business owner? 

  • Creating simple social media content that is authentic and duplicatable
  • Building confidence and self-worth to put your best face forward online and in person.
  • Building (or updating) a website including Wordpress, Kajabi, Shopify, and Etsy
  • Simple content management and calendar creation 
  • Writing product descriptions
  • Running online memberships 
  • Business accountability and road map  

Personal Life or Couples Coaching?  

  • Overcoming negative self-talk & self-sabotage 
  • Work life balance that is unique to you
  • Communication and conflict resolution 
  • Self care, mindset, and empowerment after a toxic relationship
  • Goal planning and accountability
  • Budgeting and financial planning

I look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your goals! 

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Mandy B. Anderson

I am a Certified Life Coach and Certified L.E.A.N. Health Coach. I work with people that want to overcome health/mindset challenges and build their skills so they can meet their personal and professional goals and lead well. I especially like to work with others who want to unleash their creativity through writing and speaking, create websites, and grow in their leadership skills.

Not sure what you would want to work on? Here are a few ideas we could focus on: 

  • Goal planning and accountability.
  • Developing your leadership and communication skills.
  • Leading yourself to confident decisions and follow through.
  • Building a strong mindset and overcoming negative self-talk.
  • Overcoming an illness and letting go of a victim mindset.
  • Work life balance that is unique to you.
  • Wellness coaching using the L.E.A.N. Health Lifestyle developed by Dr. William Sears.
  • Speaking presentation skills and stage presence development.
  • Building or rebranding a website including Wordpress, Kajabi, and Shopify (Includes how to write sales pages and product descriptions).
  • Content creation and graphic design skills using Canva.
  • How to become a better writer and write your first book.

I look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your goals!

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Client Spotlight

Heidi B.

“I have had the privilege of working with Mandy over the last year and a half on various topics related to life and business coaching. Her training and life experiences translate into a wisdom that she shares in a way that’s helped guide me personally, professionally, and spiritually. I have learned real life tools and tips that have had an impact on my life and those around me. Mandy has established herself as an author, a speaker, a life and business coach, an entrepreneur and an overcomer! If you get a chance to work with Mandy, she just might change your life!”

Greg M.

“I wasn’t sure how to “just do it.” So, I signed up for a day with Raychel and Mandy and moved several pieces of my scattered ideas forward into actionable plans. It also put wind in my sails to move forward. Thank you Raychel and Mandy for who you are!”

Susan B.

“Today I had my VIP session with coach Raychel. Wow! It was just what I needed. Together we came up with a easy to achieve plan for overcoming a little “hiccup” I had in my business and a transition I had to make but was dragging it around rather than tackling it. She gave me the encouragement and tools to get it done. I highly recommend a VIP session if you need to hone in and focus on a issue you have been stuck with or just need a boost. Thank you! Raychel. ”