Leadership Tools for the Man That Wants to be a He Who Overcomes

Inside this short guided journal, you'll discover:

  • The 5 keys that unlock fulfillment, success, and a life you love!
  • Strength & resilience to overcome negative self-talk!
  • Guided questions to help you gain clarity and insight when life & career changes overwhelm you.

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Increase your confidence and gain clarity TODAY with the guided journal every aspiring He Who Overcomes NEEDS!

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Just because our ideal client is a woman, that doesn't mean we don't have leadership coaching for you - a man! In fact...we do!

Hi there! We are Mandy B. Anderson & Raychel Perman, the Co-Founders and Lead Coaches here at RAYMA Team.

We offer leadership and workplace training for women AND men, as well as private coaching and speaking services for all genders.

If you have been listening to our podcast, or you've participated in leadership training online or in person, we want to let you know that we are happy to work with you! Inside this guided journal for HIM, you'll discover tools to gain insight and ways that we can work together.

See you inside the pages of the Overcomer's Playbook for HIM!