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Have you ever tried to keep up with a gratitude journal but felt like it was “stale?” 😬 Trying to find 5 things to be grateful for every day when you don’t already have the “attitude of gratitude” can really be a challenge, right? Keep reading...


Years ago we created a 30-Day journal about gratitude and it was a best seller. However at the beginning of 2019 we decided to stop selling journals. 😕 But don’t be sad! We’ve actually made it easier for you to get this content without having to buy a journal and then wait for it to arrive at your doorstep! 😃

We recently turned our 30-day journal into a free download!!! 🎉🎉🎉 Our Private clients have LOVED this content so much that they went into the Coaching Vault and started devouring it before we ever made it a homework assignment in a session! For real.

Here’s how it works: Set a timer for 5 minutes every day and answer one question a day for 30 days. That’s it. We guarantee you’ll find things to be grateful for that you’ve never thought of before!

We can’t wait to hear how your outlook on life improves as you apply this! For real come and tell us okay?!

~Mandy & Raychel, Co-Founders of RAYMA Team


Increase your confidence and improve your mindset in 5 minutes a day! Answer one question a day, for 30 days, and watch your attitude improve. 


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