"Hope is a long game and its constant opponent is inner conflict."

~Mandy B. Anderson

I used to be the kind of person that bottled up my regrets, locking them into the darkest corners of my heart.

Late at night, when the world was sleeping, I would replay moments in my mind and try to change the ending. Eventually, this process led me to my journals, where I would gain perspective and rebuild my hope again.

If I were in a coaching session with you, I would ask you questions to help you process things. I would speak to you like a friend and help you gain perspective like a wise mentor.

Inside the pages of this ebook are the type of questions I would ask you, but only because I first asked them of myself.

How I Wish It Would Have Gone is the guide you didn't know you needed. It's your chance to work through your inner conflict and spark hope again. I can't wait to meet you inside the pages...

Much love,

~Mandy B. Anderson


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