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Let’s cut to the chase. You’re really wondering right now, “is Inner Circle for a woman like me?”

This is the part where some coaching programs would jump up and down like Phoebe and Rachel and reassure you that it is absolutely for you. And while we can sometimes get that excited, now isn’t the time. So we’re gonna stand tall and skeptical right now like Grace and Frankie instead and answer you with, “Possibly. Maybe. Probably?”

Inner Circle is for two types of women:

The first type of woman is someone who wants to feel fulfilled in her life and career, and it just ain’t happening. What you thought you wanted, isn’t what you have right now and it’s slowly sucking your soul out of you. You need help finding your spark again, but you just don’t know where to start. If you’re nodding your head right now feeling validated and seen on this pixelated screen, then honey, this is for you.

The second type of woman Inner Circle is for, is someone who is feeling fulfilled in your life and career and wants to stay on track with your goals. You know the power that coaching and accountability has had in your life because you’ve tasted it. And it is good. You want to lead others well and be surrounded by coaches, and a community of women, that believe in vulnerability and the kind of assertiveness that builds people up instead of tearing them down. If that’s you, then girl, welcome to Inner Circle! 

We've spent the last 7 years building our dreams, making money while changing lives, finding fulfillment, overcoming mindsets that kept us stuck, and creating a life that matters. And we’ve done all this while also navigating major health challenges. It’s been the most challenging, life-changing, and best adventure EVER! And because all journeys are better with friends, we created the Inner Circle Membership to bring women like you on the journey with us.

Here's the really interesting part: many times, the first type of woman becomes the second type of woman simply because she gets herself around us. We love it when that happens!

Bottom line: Women don’t become leaders because of a fancy title or degree. Women become leaders when they own their stories and rise up from their own circumstances. What you've overcome makes you a leader, Darling! And our Inner Circle is the place where you can learn to lead well and become a Champion in your life, business, or career.

Much love and with grace & grit,

~Raychel & Mandy



Receive monthly action plans to help you focus on the mindsets that matter and the skills you need to create a successful life, business, or career. Say hello to shiny new vision for your future. 


Join like-minded women focused on personal and professional growth. You will look forward to interacting and growing with your fellow Champions, each and every week in our Private Facebook Group. 


Gain access to a private, members-only Online Library where you can access your Life, Leadership, and Business content, download Canva Templates for social media & content creation, ask questions, and attend monthly calls.

Your Monthly Subscription of $47 includes, 

  • A New Title. You are already an Overcomer and Leader, it's time to be a Champion. All Inner Circle members receive the worthy nickname of Champion. Wear it proudly.
  • A monthly Inner Circle Action Sheet. This gorgeous PDF download helps you stay focused on the monthly curriculum and create quick wins. Includes customizable Truth Statement® Action Guide. 
  • A reserved spot for Inner Circle Think Tank Group Call. This monthly virtual "meeting of the minds" is your time to ask Mandy & Raychel questions and brainstorm ideas with your fellow champions. 
  • Weekly Interaction, Inspiration & Encouragement with your Coaches and fellow Champions in the Facebook Group. 
  • Free Canva Templates to create lead magnets, workbooks, marketing pieces, and social media posts for your business or the company you work for.
  • Member only Discounts on private coaching and consulting. 
  • Access to state-of-the-art Inner Circle Online Coaching Library and Membership Area that includes bonus training on life, career, and business over the last 7 years. 
  • Exclusive invite to register for Inner Circle VIP Days. Events are our jam! And VIP Days are members-only gatherings designed to take your personal and professional growth to the next level. While attendance is optional, these quarterly meetups will quickly become the highlight of your membership (virtual and in-person tickets available.)


My mindset has been my biggest set back and I am learning to re-set my brain. Love this!!


I'm so excited to be apart of this community again! I have missed the amazing trainings with the RAYMA team!!!


There’s great direction provided! Mandy and Raychel are so generous with their expertise.

2021 Monthly Leadership Training Topics*

Each month we give you a short leadership training on a specific topic, on top of answering your questions for life, leadership, and your business/career. Our Leadership Training Topic for 2021 is: Planting The Seeds of Success.

January: Planting the Seeds of Balance at Home and at Work

February: Inspecting the Fruit of Your Leadership at Home and at Work

March: Controlling the Weeds That Will Hinder Your Success

April: Working the Mulch of Disappointment and Setbacks into Your Life

May: Sowing the Seeds of Rebuilding and Reconnecting

June: Inspecting the Fruit of Your Growth

July: Planting the Seeds of Excellence and Creativity

August: Planting the Seeds of Teamwork and Community

September: Hoping and Preparing for a Harvest

October: Burning the Fields You Regret

November: Sowing the Seeds of Gratitude and Giving

December: Enjoying the Fruit of Your Labor

It's going to be an amazing year! Join us anytime and get access to ALL of this and more!

*Topics are subject to change if needed.

12 Month Plan


One Time Yearly Fee

  • Monthly Action Sheet Download
  • Monthly Truth Statement® Action Guide
  • Monthly Think Tank Group Call
  • Invite to participate in VIP Days
  • FREE Canva Templates
  • Access to Online Coaching Library and Membership Area
  • Facebook Community of Like-minded Champions
  • Save over $65 from the monthly membership! (That's one month FREE and then some!)



Most Popular

  • Monthly Action Sheet Download
  • Monthly Truth Statement® Action Guide
  • Monthly Think Tank Group Call
  • Invite to participate in VIP Days
  • FREE Canva Templates
  • Access to Online Coaching Library and Membership Area
  • Facebook Community of like-minded Champions



Platinum Plan


Group + Private for 1 Year

  • Monthly Action Sheet Download
  • Monthly Truth Statement® Action Guide
  • Monthly Think Tank Group Call
  • Invite to participate in VIP Days
  • FREE Canva Templates
  • Access to Online Coaching Library and Membership area 
  • Facebook Community of Like-minded Champions
  • 1 50-minute Private Coaching Session with Raychel or Mandy, every month. (Value $247 per session)


I LOVE MONTHLY COACHING!!! If you are thinking about it at all, just do it! It will remind you of your WHY.