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Hi! We are Raychel Perman and Mandy B. Anderson, your Leadership Trainers here at RAYMA Team...


It's time to create a life that isn't rocked when uncertainties hit!

Each week we offer a free, Monday Night Call that equips you to rise up, stay focused, and create a life full of peace, confidence, and success - no matter what your circumstances look like.

What does it take to reach that kind of a life?







And the only thing that determines whether or not you tap into those traits consistently is WHO you surround yourself with.

We are committed to showing up every Monday Night to share some of our wisdom with you. Are you in?

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"That was awesome! Thank you!! I especially loved “weeds are gonna come”. Well, I know that from watching my flower beds each year, but for some reason in myself I thought it meant a huge personality flaw. Now I realize “weeds are gonna come-just tend to them”!"


"This was great - thank you!"

Sam Greenwaldt
North Dakota

"I love the Monday Night Calls! This call has helped me put things into action! Now is the time to follow you guys!"

Krista V.
South Dakota

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  • Practice NOW so you're ready WHEN.
  • The 4 Kinds of Value that you bring to the table.
  • Your YES Matters!
  • Do not shrink back. How to rise up and be strong.
  • How to keep a positive perspective when you start to lose hope.
  • Tips to handle emotional stress in healthy ways.
  • 4 Ways to take charge of your future NOW.
  • AND MORE!!!
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