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Publishing your book doesn't have to be hard.


First-time authors often ask us, "how do you get your book published?"

In the world of self-publishing, the options are endless! The problem is that all those choices get overwhelming. You have a lot of decisions to make as an author, such as:

  • Where should I print my book?
  • Do I really need an editor?
  • Should I create my cover with a free template or invest in a graphic designer?
  • How do I get my book in bookstores?
  • How do I get my book on Amazon as a Best-Seller?
  • Wait - book awards are a thing?! How do I become an Award-Winning Author?

Most authors get lost in the overwhelm of these questions before they even write a single word!


We're Best-Selling Authors and the co-founders of RAYMA Team Media, the indie publishing division of a life and leadership coaching company called, RAYMA Team. 

Our name - RAYMA - is more than just a combination of our names. It stands for the five foundational qualities that form the focus for our signature leadership trainings:

  • Resilience
  • Authenticity
  • a Yes attitude
  • Motivation
  • Assertiveness 

We're passionate about helping indie authors get their message into the world! We’ve learned what it takes to get your book published and on the Amazon Best-Seller list. From coaching you in the writing process to holding your book baby in your hand, we're here to guide you along the way!

Publishing Services:


Hire us to help coach you through the writing process. We can help you brainstorm ideas, work through limiting beliefs, keep you motivated to finish, and help you set-up your own self-publishing entity so you keep all of the royalties.


Get all of the perks of Coaching & Self-Publishing PLUS the benefit of our market research and planning to help your book get on the Amazon Best-Seller list. We'll even help you find book awards to submit your book to.


We not only coach and help you create your book, but we take you on as one of our Authors and manage your royalty fees, marketing plan, etc. You focus on writing the message and we take care of everything else!

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