Ready to step into the shoes of a Fearless Feminine Leader who has eyes to see what's possible?

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Signs of a Fearless Feminine Leader who has eyes to see what’s possible.


The people you lead are tired of hearing what can’t be done.

They need a Leader who is willing to stop sacrificing her leadership abilities on the altar of girl-power toxic positivity or shrinking back in the name of keeping the peace and fake humility.

They need you to be a Fearless Feminine Leader that knows how to:

✨Spark joy and stay curious while others get sucked into negativity, drama, and fear. This type of Leader knows that your happiness is not dependent upon your circumstances - and neither is your leadership.

✨Expand your connections intentionally and doesn’t get side-tracked by high-school-like social clubs that never take action on building their leadership skills.

✨Sows the seeds of possibility. Meaning, you implement new habits and mindsets that focus on what’s possible, instead of always being a Negative Nellie or an Impossible Ida.

✨Follow through with new ideas, even when you feel afraid. This type of Leader doesn’t panic or lose control - you’re stoic and calm; confident in your current leadership abilities even as you grow.

✨Knows the secrets of making smart decisions and doesn’t get stuck in overwhelm or the fear of the unknown.

✨Isn’t afraid to take an intentional risk. This type of Leader understands that more knowledge will present itself only after you start moving in that direction. And you’re not ashamed to pivot when needed.

Fearless Feminine Leaders lead like this - with emotional resilience, strength, and wisdom - are what your people want. It’s what they deserve!

This is the type of Leader we help you become. Our next 7-week leadership coaching experience for women will help you step into this version of yourself.

We start June 27th. Choose your payment plan below and get started today!

She Says YES, I Can Coaching Experience

It's time to step into the Shoes of a Fearless Feminine Leader Who Says YES To New Possibilities.

7-Week Leadership Experience for Women. Choose your payment plan:



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Learn to be a Leader who says YES to new possibilities through: sparking joy; getting curious; expanding your connections; sowing the seeds of possibility; following through in the face of fear; making smart decisions; and taking risks.


Your 7-week leadership experience includes:
  • Two group calls with Coach Mandy and Coach Raychel (The first call is scheduled for Monday, June 27th at 1pm central time and will be recorded. We will vote on the date and time for the second call.)
  • A PDF download of the RAYMA Team exclusive leadership book, SHE SAYS YES, I CAN.
  • Immediate access to self-led video trainings on the leadership foundation of saying YES To Possibilities by your Coaches: Mandy B. Anderson and Raychel Perman
  • A PDF download of your Certificate of Completion once approved. (You must pass a short quiz and submit a 500-word essay on how you will apply these principles to receive your Certificate of Completion in this course.)
  • BONUS Content: Financial Freedom Mindset Masterclass

We're Mandy and Raychel.

We're the co-founders of a life and leadership coaching company for women called, RAYMA Team. In fact, our name - RAYMA - is more than just a combination of our names. It stands for the five foundational qualities that form the focus for our signature leadership trainings:

  • Resilience
  • Authenticity
  • a Yes attitude
  • Motivation
  • Assertiveness 

Prior to starting our company, we had leadership experience as volunteer leaders in various church settings, as well as in the marketplace. Raychel had a decade long career in the spa industry where she trained and hired Estheticians as the Lead Esthetician. At the same time she was running a spa, she also got her degree in Psychology and Christian Counseling while raising two small children with a husband who traveled frequently for work. Mandy was a trusted leader in the hospitality industry as a Wedding & Event Planner where she often managed up to seven weddings per weekend. She eventually went on to help an extended stay hotel become one of the Top 10 hotels in the country for that hotel chain as the PR Director.

Back when we officially started our company in 2014, we had so many fears about people not taking us seriously as female leaders! Fears that could have stopped us in our tracks as we stepped onto the path of leadership and entrepreneurship. But over time, we learned how to become the fearless, feminine leaders that we are today. 

We said YES to the possibility of writing and publishing our own books to the curb and became Best-Selling Authors.

We said YES to public speaking and channeled our inner Rockstar confidence to pitch a weekly spot on a local televeision show - a partnership we had for two full years. Mandy even went on to become a TEDx Speaker!

And when women told us that they couldn’t relate to most leadership training because it was written by men, we bossed up and YES to pioneer a new path and write our own curriculum for women.

So before we go any further, you need to know that when you work with us, you’re getting over a decade of experience in leadership development, business building, and facing the fears that often hinder success for women in leadership.

We’ve learned what works and what doesn’t when it comes to being fearless female leaders of strong teams and healthy businesses. And we’re sharing our secrets with you.

“True leadership begins within the leader. I am learning how to lead myself well through the guidance of this course. When I can believe in myself and allow my curiosity to override my fear I will be able to lead myself forward with faith and courage and become the woman God has meant for me to be my whole life!”

~Christina L. Bond, LMSW Medical Social Work Case Manager

"This course has provided me with immense growth and tools I never expected. I am so grateful for the journey and the program as a whole. I feel seen and heard as a leader to issues I have been facing. I am thankful to have the knowledge to refer back to for many years to come."

~Laura Meckle, President of Healthcare Management Solutions, LLC