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It starts with a choice—

to see the broken pieces as a beautiful masterpiece. At first, you might be angry that God is making you walk through a familiar storm again. Didn't we learn the lesson last time? Why is this happening again?

We all have choices when storms happens. We can take one day at a time. We can choose to rise up and fight. Or we can choose to stay broken and hopeless. The choice is up to you.

In the UNBROKEN 30-day Bible Study, you will find stories of resilience and hope, along with examples from the Ancient Wisdom of the Bible to help you better understand the broken pieces of your life. It's time to grab your courage dear friend! It's the cracks that are making you whole. UNBROKEN, will guide you through: 

  • The choices you can make when storms sweep through you life.
  • How to accept the wounds and scars brokenness leaves behind.
  • The promises of God to bring restoration and healing.
  • Using brokenness to grow the fruits of the spirit in your life. 

UNBROKEN is your guide to getting finding your courage and embracing the cracks that are making you whole. 

Each Day Includes:

  • Bible Verses and personal reflection from Perman to frame your mind for that day's focus. 
  • Ample space to answer questions and explore what God is says about brokenness in the Bible.
  • Thought provoking and strategic questions.
  • A personalized Truth Statement®  to help you build your faith, overcome fear and doubt, and boost your confidence. 
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We don't get to choose what kinds of storms we will survive. Or the level of brokenness, pain and scars we will experience. The storms of our lives rarely come with warnings. We get one choice- how we will respond. 

Praise For UNBROKEN:

"As I work through the pages of this inspired study, I am finding that I am simultaneously brought to my knees AND lifted up. Raychel has a beautiful, accessible way of distilling the Truth and sharing with such tender transparency that I step away each day feeling- and knowing- that I am not alone and that the hope found in the cracks is a real, healing thing." 
~Laura M.

“When I contemplated doing the UNBROKEN Bible study, I was terrified to touch some cracks that I had tucked away for a very long time. Raychel has made a difficult process step-by-step so that as I was dealing with my cracks and imperfections, I was also healing parts of them every day through Christ and reflection. Her words helped me embrace my cracks, work through them, and use them as a tool for a better tomorrow. Raychel connects with me because she too has been broken and she knows the pain I am experiencing. I would recommend this to anyone.”
~Bridget R.

“UNBROKEN is a spectacular Bible Study. It has taught me that although I may have cracks in my life and be broken, there is hope! Although the process in healing the cracks may be long, Raychel teaches us to embrace our cracks and face each day with new hope and truth. It has strengthened my faith and relationship with God and brought me new friendships with some wonderful women!”
~Melissa M.

Hi, I'm Raychel. I know what it feels like to be broken, and the process it takes to rebuild your life after a storm.

Rebuilding after brokenness is a recurring theme of my life. It's what has made me resilient, courageous, and authentic. And I tell you how in UNBROKEN. 

My hope is that you find new strength, bravery, and wisdom as you learn to see your broken pieces in a new way

It's time to grab hold of the promises of God and find your tenacity again. The broken pieces of your life are creating a beautiful masterpiece. Find your courage dear one. It's the cracks that are making you whole. 

with Grace & Grit, 


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Professional Bio:

Raychel Perman is a Certified Life Coach, Business Mentor, Leadership Developer, Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Podcast Co-Host, and the Co-Founder of a life and leadership coaching company called, RAYMA Team.

Her friends say she is funny, wise, and tells it like it is. Raychel is an entrepreneur with the heart of a teacher who vulnerably tells her story to motivate and inspire others. Her mission is to help women become fearless feminine leaders who refuse to let the pain of their past and the reality of the present hold them back from living and leading well. 

Raychel has a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and Christian Counseling from Liberty University. She lives in North Dakota with her husband Josh, three children, and two fur babies. Raychel is a coffee lover, gemstone jewelry collector, obsessed with Britain's royal families, and a big fan of rocking the boat. Connect with her at www.raychelperman.com. 

What Readers Are Saying...



"UNBROKEN is a Bible Study where we, as women, can honestly share our brokenness and receive acceptance and Biblical Wisdom." 

~Sue G.  

“When I started this process of healing, I was broken but am learning to understand that in healing and faith I can be unbroken. My cracks tell my life story and while they will always remain a part of me, they will not define me, and without this study I may never have come back to God the way I have. ”
~Kristin B.