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Welcome to Monthly Coaching within the RAYMA Team University. Your $37 Monthly Membership in the RAYMA Team University includes:

  • Access to all of our self-led, online courses, including exclusive, Members Only courses. Courses include topics on: goal planning, work/life balance, conflict transformation, virtually savvy training, and MORE!
  • Monthly Coaching Calls via ZOOM designed to help you kick start your focus, get unstuck, and build your professional soft and hard skills.
  • Weekly connection with your coaches and growth-minded professionals in the Coaching Community Board (like a Private Facebook Group, only better!).
  • Easy to use login on your computer or the NEW Kajabi Mobile App!


With just one hour a week (or 15 minutes, 4 days a week) - and a proven plan - we'll provide you with the insight, accountability, and coaching you need to reach your goals.


As a Busy Professional or Entrepreneur, you don't always have time to log in to your computer. No worries! You can access your membership in the NEW Kajabi Mobile App.


A Members Only place to meet growth-minded people and interact with your coaches. Like a private Facebook group, only without the social media comparisons and distractions!

"Monthly coaching is making me accountable in many ways. It helps me to really dig deep into what it is I want, what I am feeling and how to express myself better. The community board is a great way to hear words of wisdom, strengths and weaknesses of others and how I can relate. The library is my bundle of information. I can resort back to my library on my time at my pace so I don't feel behind. Honestly sometimes I don't get to things until I am in bed! Overall I am super happy to be on board with monthly coaching. I needed this is so many ways and am so glad to be a part of a community with like-minded people! I plan on continuing for sure!"

Allison B.
Busy Professional

"There’s great direction provided! Mandy and Raychel are so generous with their expertise."

Laura Moss
Business Owner and Eating Psychology Coach

"Extremely professional coaches and deep content."

Matt Metzger
Busy Professional | Springfield, MO

"I LOVE MONTHLY COACHING!!! If you are thinking about it at all, just do it! It will remind you of your WHY."

Jen W.
Co-Owner of Stand Out Events & Later Gator Sales

"The benefits of having monthly coaching with Coach Mandy and/or Coach Raychel are AMAZING. They are amazing because: they helped me identify goals and focus on one goal at a time. They helped me be accountable with my goals by identifying ways to help me stick to them, recognize where I see myself struggling and check-in with me. The amount of knowledge you receive from Coach Mandy and Coach Raychel has surpassed my expectations along with the great resources they provide to you. This has been one of my best investments for myself personally and professionally. Thank you! "

DesaRae B.
Busy Professional

"There are many benefits to having monthly coaching - the biggest standout to me is accountability. I took a year sabbatical and know I need to get back on track of the monthly coaching again. "

Vicki M.
Busy Professional


We are Raychel Perman (right) and Mandy B. Anderson (left), your Certified Life Coaches and Business Strategists here at RAYMA Team.

RAYMA Team exists to help busy professionals, entrepreneurs, and growth minded individuals create unique solutions to live and lead well. We know when you feel connected to your passion, your people, and your purpose, you will have a greater impact, make more money, and have better work/life balance.

When you work with us, you'll find tools and accountability to reach your goals and be proud of yourself. Let's dive in (right away!) so you can start getting the results you're craving!


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