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Raychel Perman

Accountability And Support To Build Confidence, Create Strong Teams + Businesses, and Leave a Legacy.

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My job is to help you get from where you are now...

to where you want to be.

I am trained in the following RAYMA Team® signature, trademarked techniques and curriculum:

  • Truth Statement® - A highly effective life coaching technique to help you develop a strong, healthy mindset for optimal personal development.
  • RAYMA Foundations™ - Leadership Curriculum that combines effective life coaching techniques with timeless leadership principles to develop quality leaders with strong teams and healthy coping skills.

If you are ready to grow your soft skills and become a confident leader of a healthy team or business, then private 1:1 coaching is the highest level of support  and accountability you can get!  

It's time to work with a Certified Professional Life Coach and Leadership Expert with a proven track record. I know what it takes to navigate the issues no one else sees and the BS we don't talk about while building your life and career dreams. And, I can help you do that without sacrificing your health, your family, or your hobbies.

It's time to step into a different legacy of leadership.

Who is Private Coaching with Coach Raychel for?

It is for the person who fits any of these descriptions:

You want to build your CONFIDENCE and RESILIENCE, while also learning STRESS MANAGEMENT and WORK-LIFE BALANCE techniques that actually work and are unique to you and your situation.

You want to deep dive into the RAYMA Foundations™ Life & Leadership Curriculum  Modules with the accountability of private coaching. You are ready to become a person who is RESILIENT, AUTHENTIC, MOTIVATED, has the ability to say YES to what's possible, and be confidently ASSERTIVE. 

You want to improve your COMMUNICATION and CONFLICT RESOLUTION SKILLS so you can create STRONG teams + businesses.

You want to learn the skills to stay self-MOTIVATED and accomplish wild life-changing GOALS like LEAVE A LEGACY- no matter your title

If this is you- I'm ready to help.

This is NOT for you if...

You're expecting your Coach to fix everything for you. Or, have all of the answers. 

You struggle with anxiety, depression, or other mental health conditions and have not worked with a counselor or therapist on healthy coping skills and managing your symptoms. 

You give excuses, complain, are addicted to drama, and are prone to arguing to prove you are right and stroke your ego.

What You'll Get As A Private 1:1 Coaching Client:

You are making a significant investment in your professional and personal growth, so you get VIP treatment. My 1:1 private coaching clients get my best, and first access to my extremely limited schedule & time. Below are the details to my private coaching options:



6 monthly payments*

Work with Coach Raychel for six months to get executive level support for personal and professional leadership development. Deep dive into:

  • Strategic planning
  • Work/life balance
  • Leadership guidance
  • Conflict resolution and communication skills
  • Leading through crisis
  • Accountability on goals


  • Two 60-minute Zoom calls per month. ($750 value)
  • Full access to the RAYMA Foundations™ Leadership Curriculum books and podcasts to use during sessions and as homework. ($1,500 value)
  • Private Online Coaching Portal to organize notes, prep for sessions, access homework, and complete assessments. 

*Pay in full discount of $1000 OFF available. Indicate this payment option on your application.

**Includes a Certification of Completion upon submitting the final essay and assessment of each RAYMA Foundations™ Leadership Curriculum module.




3 Monthly Payments

Work with Coach Raychel for three months to implement specific changes in your personal life & leadership skills. Such as:

  • Build your confidence + resilence
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Get rid of toxic self-talk
  • Discover the basics of stress management and create work life balance solutions that are unique to you. 
  • or, Accomplish goals 


  • One 60-minute Zoom call per month.
  • Private Online Coaching Portal to organize notes, prep for sessions, access homework, and complete assessments. 

*This package works well for clients that want to add the RAYMA Foundations™ programs one-by-one as needed, or are currently going through any of our group leadership programs and just need a few sessions to dive deeper into the principles you're learning in any of the RAYMA Foundations™ programs.



Frequently Asked Questions:

Hey Leader!

I'm Raychel.

I’m an Entrepreneur with the heart of an Educator. My passion is to help people become confident leaders who want to inspire positive change and leave a legacy- no matter their title.  I believe that brokenness, trauma, health challenges, broken relationships, and past mistakes do not disqualify you from leadership. They prepare you. 

When I’m not working you can find me playing mom taxi to our three busy kids, reading a good novel, digging in my flower beds, watching Netflix with hubby, or playing with my two fur babies. We are a blended family. So, sometimes our house is full and sometimes it’s just me, hubs, and the dogs when the kids spend time with their Dad. 

I’m an INFP, Enneagram 4w5, LGBTQIA2S+ ally, and incredibly proud of my Indigenous roots. I'm an advocate and involved in my community and causes I care about. I love coffee, gemstone jewelry, Britain's royal families and history, and a big fan of rocking the boat. Especially when it comes to empowering women to become Confident world-changing Leaders. And I'm looking forward to working with you, soon!

With grace & grit,
~Coach Raychel

  • Certified Professional Life Coach from Light University (2012)
  • Bachelors of Science in Psychology and Christian Counseling  (2012)
  • Co-Host of the Fearless Feminine Leadership™ Podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
  • Licensed Esthetician (2002-current)
  • Board Certified Biblical Counselor (2012-2014)
  • Amazon Best-Selling Author
  • Member of International Organization of Professional Coaches 

What Clients are Saying:


Owner of Sisters of the Spoon, North Dakota


“I had my VIP session with Coach Raychel. Wow! It was just what I needed.

Together we came up with an easy to achieve plan for overcoming a little “hiccup” I had in my business and a transition I had to make but was dragging it around rather than tackling it.

She gave me the encouragement and tools to get it done. I highly recommend a VIP session if you need to hone in and focus on a issue you have been stuck with or just need a boost. Thank you! Raychel. ”



"I attended Beautiful Wholeness for the first time 4 years ago. It was the beginning of the right direction for me. By the end of the day I signed up for 1:1 coaching sessions with Raychel and began to open my eyes, mind & heart to better me.

I have achieved so much personal growth in that time, more than I imagined possible.

Through the 1:1 coaching with Raychel, she has helped keep me accountable and even more importantly helped me learn to be accountable to myself.

She has helped me learn how to and the importance of setting goals for myself. Has helped me allow myself grace when needed. Raychel helped open my eyes to the importance of gratitude and reinforces my emphasis of positive mindset.

Raychel has really helped me grow both personally and professionally, not by telling me what to do but by helping me to discover what I need to do for myself."

Beverly Unrath

Owner and CEO of Dakota Home Care, North Dakota


"I own and operate a home healthcare agency with over 100 employees and 95% are women. I first hired RAYMA Team to provide leadership training to my leadership team and personal/professional development skills to all of our employees at Dakota Home Care.

Everybody loved Mandy and Raychel! They are engaging, compelling and personal. They focused our training sessions on communication, conflict resolution and work style diversity. My entire team grew more confident. My leadership team grew closer. 

I eventually offered one on one coaching with Mandy or Raychel to my leadership team. It is so helpful to have a certified coach talk you through how to handle a crucial conversation or resolve a major issue. RAYMA Team will be a forever resource to our team at Dakota Home Care. 

I strongly recommend all companies work with RAYMA Team to give their employees the confidence and skills they need to be leaders and serve their community well. The combined service of leadership training for the organization and one one coaching is empowering! And my number one goal as a business owner is to empower my people. Thank you Raychel and Mandy for all you do!"

Rami Topp

Educator, North Dakota


"The RAYMA Team ladies were an instrumental kickstart to a healthier culture shift at our school.

Their in-service was authentic, applicable, concise, and down-to-earth. I appreciated their leadership techniques to get the staff involved in conversing, and engaging throughout the session.

Mandy and Raychel gave practical insight and advice, objectively drawing off their own life experiences. As third parties, they had an opportunity, furthermore--the precision, to draw answers and perspectives out of employees that I don't believe would have risen had our administrative leaders led the same event. There's something to be said about having your leaders become a student, thus a humble peer, by having professional guidance on site to assist everyone in personal and professional growth.

If you're looking for a place to start digging deeper and getting to the root of issues or proactively wanting to challenge and nurture your staff, you needn't look further than Coach Mandy and Coach Raychel."


Holistic Coach and Owner of Jez-Mir-Izing


“I am so blessed and grateful to have Raychel, and RAYMA Team, lead the way as I build my dream business.”

Brandon Baggenstoss


"Working with Raychel gave me tools that challenged me and brought insight on how I viewed my self-worth.

They broke down negative barriers that blocked me from having healthy relationships."