3 Time Management Tips for Those who Suck at Managing Their Time

Sep 19, 2019

by, Raychel Perman

If you own your own company or you are a busy professional building your career you understand the pull to fill every moment of your time wisely. Especially if you have a family! While there are countless time management methods that claim to be the perfect solution, the truth is there is no “one size fits all” answer. However, there are a few things that can help! Especially when you suck at managing your time and all other methods have failed. 

  1. Schedule your energy 

Craig Groeschel says you need to schedule your energy not just your hours. He calls this your "usable hours." If you have a chronic illness or struggle with fatigue and energy spikes and drains this method could work for you. It's one I have found great success with! 

You take your schedule day by day and assign your task list according to the amount of energy you have for the day.  This method won’t work for everyone. But, If you...

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Podcast Highlight - A Conversation with Award-Winning Author, Kat Socks

Sep 16, 2019

“Where am I going to find the time to write a book or publish a book or market a book? I had to look at the time I was spending doing other things.” ~Kat Socks

Have you ever wanted to write a book, but you didn’t know where to start? Well, you’re in for a treat today because this episode is going to give you an inside look at what it takes to BEGIN.

Kat Socks is the Award-Winning Author of the book, Pickles The Dog. Just over two years ago this book was just a thought. Grab your coffee and glean some wisdom of how this idea became an Award-Winning book that has opened the door to more books for Kat to write!


Connect with Kat:

Kat Socks is very passionate about animals and believes every animal deserves a loving home. She enjoys spending time with family and volunteering as a pet therapy handler. Kat lives in Bismarck, North Dakota with her son and two dogs.

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4 Characteristics of Resilient People

Sep 12, 2019

Video Notes...

Today on the Unlikely CEO blog series we are talking about resilience. Resilience is that characteristic that makes you flexible when adversity and challenges happen in your life. It's one of the foundational character qualities we teach here at RAYMA Team.

Specifically, I share four specific behaviors resilient people do that makes them more adaptable when life gets hard. It how they roll with the punches and come out on the other side of adversity with strength and confidence.

4 Characteristics of Resilient People:

  1. Talk about the issues
  2. Ask for help
  3. Work towards solutions
  4. Look for the lessons

Talk to you again next week!

With love and moxie,

~ Raychel Perman

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Podcast Highlight - I’m Burnt Out, Now What?

Sep 09, 2019

Yep, it’s true. I have been burnt out and I’ve been doing some self-reflection to figure out what to do about it. This is something that almost every person on the planet experiences at least once in their life: burn out.

Here’s a question for you, my friend – what do you do when you’re burnt out? Or better yet, what negative self-protection habits do you fall into without thinking when you’re burnt out?

Lets hang out as I get real and raw about what I discovered about myself when I realized I’ve been feeling burnt out and tips on how I’m practicing better self-care and boundaries around this area of life.


This episode is going to help you:

  • Begin to identify your own auto-pilot habits when you feel burnt out.
  • Discover new habits to implement that are better for your mental and physical health.
  • Realize you are not alone in this feeling!
  • Implement a short 5-10 minute journal prompt to help gain clarity on what is...
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Will the Real You Please Stand Up? Here's Some Simple Tips to Be More Authentic

Sep 05, 2019

Authenticity is being true to your own unique self. It’s a genuineness that shines through and attracts others. Discovering who you are will make you a confident decision maker and trustworthy leader. Will the real you please stand up? Because we need you.

Our September/October focus in the EMERGE coaching program is on authenticity. Being more authentic is one of the 5 pillar characteristics we teach at RAYMA Team. We want to encourage and equip you to show up in real ways as your true self personally and professionally, whether you are in one of our programs or not! So, here are some simple tips to help you be more authentic:

#1- Get clear on your values

Authentic people have strong values and beliefs. They live their lives according to their values. They don't just adopt their friends or parents’ beliefs. Authentic people discover for themselves why they believe something. This can include spiritual beliefs, moral beliefs, or anything you believe holds value for you....

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Podcast Highlight - Going After What You Want with Patrick Metzger

Sep 02, 2019

My guest today is the first official HE who overcomes to join the podcast lineup! After spending more than a decade as a public school teacher and coach, Patrick Metzger left a stable and promising career to pursue a life of more happiness and fulfillment. He now mentors and coaches clients nationwide and works with businesses in putting special focus on the areas of high performance, identity, self-development, and health and wellness.

Our conversation is filled with nuggets of wisdom from Patrick’s personal journey of going after a new career as well as overcoming obstacles in the infertility/adoption journey with his wife. Grab your coffee and let’s hang out with Patrick as he shares wisdom on how to maximize full potential and go after what you want in life!



Connect with Patrick:

Patrick Metzger is a life and high performance coach and motivational speaker who inspires and supports others in discovering and igniting their ultimate potential...

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PR: Big Blue Couch Coaching Says Goodbye And Announces Major Rebranding As RAYMA Team

Aug 27, 2019

Big Blue Couch Coaching Says Goodbye And Announces Major Rebranding As RAYMA Team

Bismarck, ND, Release: August 26, 2019. For Immediate Release


Big Blue Couch Coaching, a coaching company for women, announced a major rebranding earlier this month to reflect the company’s evolution into a new market. The new company, RAYMA Team, is a Coaching & Consulting Company that creates unique solutions for Entrepreneurs and Business Professionals to effectively engage with their clients.


“We provide the tools and accountability you need so you can have a greater impact, make more money, create solutions, and balance your home and work life,” says CEO, Raychel Perman. “There’s a huge shift happening in the personal and professional development industry. People are no longer okay with fluffy clichés and having to go to events every month. They want to cut to the chase of getting to the real answers to their questions of ‘how do I make...

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Podcast Highlight - Laura Moss, Eating Psychology Coach

Aug 26, 2019

Ask Laura Moss what she’s passionate about, and she’ll tell you “I’m passionate about shifting the diet culture AWAY from the outdated science of calories in/calories out, restriction, and punishing exercise and TOWARD empowering women to bring awareness to the relationships they have with their bodies, with food, and with movement in order to make healing, nourishing choices for themselves.”

I’ve had the wonderful honor of helping Laura grow her business and I can’t wait for you to meet her in this episode! We talk about fat-shaming, skinny-shaming, the idea of good v. bad food, how to bring awareness to your relationship with food and so much more! Grab your coffee and get ready for a great conversation that is sure to help you bring more awareness into your life.




Connect with Laura:

Laura Moss is a gifted and passionate wellness coach who has overcome many of her own health challenges (including breast...

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You are Not Your Job

Aug 23, 2019

Video notes... 

Let’s chat today about identity and self worth and what happens when we find  our identity in our jobs. 

What does identity mean? It’s a noun meaning the act of being oneself and not someone else. A person’s individuality, character, name, personality, etc. 

If you find yourself full of fear and performance based thinking about your job you might have your identity tied too closely to your title. 

2 questions to ask yourself: 

  1. What am I passionate or curious about outside of work? 
  2. What do I bring to the world, my own unique identity, besides my job skills. 

You are not your job. You are so much more than that! 

With love and moxie,

~ Raychel Perman

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Podcast Highlight: Let's Get You Back On Track

Aug 19, 2019

Happy Monday! Be sure to watch the video above for a Monday Motivation Message from me!

Question: How are your 2019 goals going so far? Depending on your personality type, that question might freak you out a bit. This year hasn’t gone at all like I originally planned and dreamed it would back in December of 2018 when I filled out my life and business planner pages. That’s why assessing throughout the year is so important! Maybe you can relate. Let’s get you back on track with your very own 2019 reality check. Grab your coffee and let’s go. (Click the photo be,ow to listen on your favorite platform!)



Things to know:

  • This episode is going to be like a coaching session between you and I.
  • If you haven’t planned any goals for the year, this is still for you! Starting now is better than never starting at all.
  • Falling off the wagon happens to the best of us sometimes. Let go of that all or nothing mentality and let’s get back...
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