“If you're looking for a place to start digging deeper and getting to the root of issues or proactively wanting to challenge and nurture your staff, you needn't look further than Coach Mandy and Coach Raychel."

~Rami Topp, 
Educator in North Dakota


The Co-Founders of a life & leadership coaching company called, RAYMA Team, LLC.

Our name - RAYMA - is more than just a combination of our names. It stands for the five foundational qualities that form the focus for our signature leadership trainings:



a Yes attitude





We met at a small Bible camp back in fifth grade and have been Besties ever since. Back then we thought we would grow up to be the next Point of Grace or Destiny's Child - singing together at the camp talent show was what brought us together. Our mutual love of deep conversations, personal growth, the coaching industry, and all things leadership is what led us to eventually become business partners.

Prior to starting our company in 2014, we both had leadership experience as volunteer leaders in various church settings, as well as in the marketplace.

Raychel had a decade long career in the spa industry where she trained and hired Estheticians as the Lead Esthetician. At the same time she was running a spa, she also got her degree in Psychology and Christian Counseling while raising two small children with a husband who traveled frequently for work.

Mandy was a trusted leader in the hospitality industry as a Wedding & Event Planner where she often managed up to seven weddings per weekend. She eventually went on to help an extended stay hotel become one of the Top 10 hotels in the country for that hotel chain as the PR Director.

Since starting our company, we've helped thousands of women around the world step into the shoes of mature, respected female leaders. We've written and published Best-Selling books, been featured on the North Dakota Today Show as weekly guest experts, won awards in business, and published our own leadership curriculum written exclusively for women - by women. Mandy has even become a TEDx Speaker! But our most favorite accomplishment is helping our clients reach their goals and become the Confident, Rock Star Female Leaders of strong teams and businesses.

When you work with us, you’re getting over a decade of experience in leadership development and business building. We’ve learned what works and what doesn’t when it comes to being fearless female leaders of teams and businesses. And we're sharing our knowledge with you so you can step into the shoes of a Confident, Rock Star Female Leader, too!

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Stop Sacrificing Quality Leadership Training on the Altar of Girl Power Toxic Positivity




"RAYMA Team's ability to not only relate to their audience but also provide practical takeaways is highly valuable."

~Dakota Business Lending

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Cultivate Honor training by RAYMA Team. Mandy and Raychel presented the material in a way that was easy to comprehend, and they did an incredible job interacting with the virtual audience which made the whole experience feel more personal. I'm looking forward to learning more from them!"

~Laiken Aune, Program Manager at ND Women's Business Center