**Winner of the 2019 Best of Bismarck Award in the Life Coach category by the Bismarck Award Program!**

Hi Friends! We are Mandy B. Anderson and Raychel Perman, your Certified Life Coaches and Business Strategists at RAYMA Team. We create unique solutions for Entrepreneurs and Busy Professionals to effectively connect with people.

When you work with us, you'll find the tools and accountability you need so you can have a greater impact, make more money, and create solutions for your work/life balance.

Let's dive in (right away!) so you can start getting the results you're craving!

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If you are a busy professional or entrepreneur then this challenge is for you! It's time to light a fire under your butt, overcome procrastination and overwhelm, and make some major progress in your professional goals.

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Suck at managing your time? These practical, quick tips can help!


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This easy to use online mini-course helps you get out of your own way and bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be.


Hi guys!

We are Raychel and Mandy...

We are Certified Life Coaches, Business Strategists, and we've been Besties for over twenty years. We're passionate about helping people make meaningful connections with others while living out their dreams of having success in both their work and home lives.

Like all the men and women carrying the torch of entrepreneur before us, we too have a story that led us to starting this company. In fact, it started years ago with a bottle of wine, a dream, and a big blue couch. But before we get too far into the dramatic tale, we need to tell you something super important...

We aren’t your gurus. We don't peddle a "one-size-fits-all" answer to success and happiness. We won’t blow a lot of hot air or waste your time with empty motivational phrases that mean zilch. What we will do is provide the ONE thing that can change your future. Coaching.

Accountability and guidance for the long-haul are proven methods for results! And, we promise to be your guides through the wild and crazy dance that is “business building.” When you partner with RAYMA Team you will find solutions.

And just in case you're thinking, "I'm not building a business do you have something for me?" Don't worry, Boo. We got you, too.

Oh! And you're probably wondering who the handsome guy with us in this picture is, right? That's Mr. Nate Anderson. He is Mandy's husband, and one of the co-founders of RAYMA Team.



Raychel and Mandy have been featured in

"Today I had my VIP session with coach Raychel. Wow! It was just what I needed. Together we came up with a easy to achieve plan for overcoming a little “hiccup” I had in my business and a transition I had to make but was dragging it around rather than tackling it. She gave me the encouragement and tools to get it done. I highly recommend a VIP session if you need to hone in and focus on a issue you have been stuck with or just need a boost. Thank you! Raychel. "

Susan B.
Business Owner | Bismarck, ND

"Mandy has been able to help me immensely while I worked through some difficult, personal items. Her methodology is a mix of straightforward, relatively classic approaches mixed with “take no prisoners” accountability. Basically, she is impossible, in the best way possible. Someone who doesn’t take excuses for an answer, she makes you eat your metaphorical vegetables, because that’s what’s best for you.” "

Lance D. Presser
PhD | Rockville, MD

"Mandy and Raychel - thank you for the most pleasant presentation we could ask for. It was a delightful evening and all that attended enjoyed it. We look forward to having you at future events and hope you will oblige! Thank you! "

Dakota Heartland Group
Thrivent Financial

"On behalf of CTB thank you for presenting at this year’s Women’s Business Summit. Through your words of wisdom women will be able to strive for success throughout their lives. The impact you made at the summit was powerful. Thank you!"

Center for Technology & Business

"Thank you so much for being our keynote speaker today! I know that our FCCLA members from the 8 various schools will go back to their home and community with new ideas to better manage their lives! We appreciate what you are doing for this generation. Thank you for being a world-changer!"

Carol Braunberger
FCCLA Facilitator

"I wasn’t sure how to “just do it.” So, I signed up for a day with Raychel and Mandy and moved several pieces of my scattered ideas forward into actionable plans. It also put wind in my sails to move forward. Thank you Raychel and Mandy for who you are!"

Greg Molinaro

"Mandy is the Coach I seek when I need to navigate tough choices."

Nina Schlesinger

"These tools challenged me and brought insight on how I viewed my self-worth. They broke down negative barriers that blocked me from having healthy relationships."

Brandon Baggenstoss

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