Become a Professional Life & Leadership Coach!


As a RAYMA Foundations™ Certified Coach you’ll inspire positive change and help others transform their lives, their families lives, their workplace, and the future for generations to come!

Whether you're dreaming of starting a coaching business, providing a trusted leadership curriculum to facilitate with your team, or adding more options to your already established coaching business, you'll be equipped to help others leave a legacy that matters using the RAYMA Foundations™ Life & Leadership Curriculum and Coaching Models.


The RAYMA Foundations™ coaching model has proven successful in helping clients achieve their goals while growing their personal and professional leadership skills.

This coaching model provides a proven framework for RAYMA Foundations™ Certified Coaches to follow, while allowing for flexibility and individuality. 

Since 2014 we've coached thousands of people to step into a different legacy of leadership. We're on a mission to revolutionize how leadership development is done and we're inviting you to join us in the revolution!

We've developed a unique, 12-month immersion style coaching certification program that equips aspiring, rising, and established leaders to grow their leadership skills and use the RAYMA Foundations™ curriculum and trademarked coaching techniques to achieve their goals. 


Class begins Tuesday, September 24th, 2024 at 1:30pm!

Enrollment for our Fall 2024 program opens on August 14th, 2024. Waitlist members get early access with an exclusive discount that opens on August 1st!

We will meet every other Tuesday from 1:30pm - 2:30pm central time starting September 24th, 2024 - September 12th, 2025.

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Who Is This Certification Program For?

Aspiring Life or Leadership Coaches that want to start their own business.

CEO’s, Business Owners, Non-profit Directors, and Managers that want to implement and facilitate an already developed program with their staff.

Established Coaches that love to offer a variety of curriculum to their growing client base.

Training Topics

A full syllabus with specific dates and homework deadlines will be emailed to all Waitlist members a few weeks before enrollment opens. Here's a short list of topics you can expect training on:

  • RESILIENT Leadership Principles from RAYMA Foundations™ Curriculum
  • AUTHENTIC Leadership Principles from RAYMA Foundations™ Curriculum
  • YES Leadership Principles from RAYMA Foundations™ Curriculum
  • MOTIVATED Leadership Principles from RAYMA Foundations™ Curriculum
  • ASSERTIVE Leadership Principles from RAYMA Foundations™ Curriculum
  • Your Story Matters (writing/speaking skills)
  • Launching Your Business and Career
  • Handling Objections, Excuses, and Imposter Syndrome
  • Websites, Social Media, and Branding
  • RAYMA Foundations™ Coaching Model (includes mock coaching sessions where you can practice the art of private coaching)

In an industry that is unregulated and unchecked, RAYMA Foundations™ Certified Coaches hold themselves to a higher standard.

Upon graduation, they have successfully completed over 100 hours of coach training that includes but is not limited to:

RAYMA Foundations™ Curriculum Application


  • Learning the seven RAYMA Foundations™ Leadership Principles in each of the five modules: RESILIENT, ASSERTIVE, YES, MOTIVATED, and AUTHENTIC (35 leadership principles total)
  • Passing a quiz to test their knowledge of each RAYMA Foundations™ modules. (5 quizzes total)
  • Writing five 1,500-word essays explaining how they will use the principles in each module personally and professionally, now and in the future.


Coaching Best Practices


  • Implementing best practices to launch a successful life or leadership coaching business, or
  • Position themselves to use the RAYMA Foundations™ Curriculum to provide world class leadership training to their team, staff, patients, clients, or colleagues.
  • Proper use of the RAYMA Foundations™ Coaching Model and Truth Statement® Coaching technique


Speaking & Communication Skills


  • Advanced training in public speaking and storytelling to compete in an ever-changing industry.



Your Investment: $7,500.00

Pay in full or choose to pay with 12 monthly payments of $625.00.


*****Only 10 Students Will Be Allowed in the Next Class!*****

Get on the Waitlist to get a discount of $750 OFF and early access registration!

Brings your pay-in-full price down to $6,750.00 or your monthly payment down to 12 monthly payments of $562.50 per month.

Your Professional Life & Leadership Coaching Journey Officially Begins in the Fall of 2024!

Enrollment details:

  • Full Price Enrollment opens August 14th, 2024.
  • Waitlist registration gets early access starting August 1st at the discounted price.
  • Class group calls will meet every other Tuesday from 1:30pm - 2:30pm central time starting September 24th, 2024 - September 12th, 2025.
  • A full syllabus will be emailed to all Waitlist Members a few weeks before enrollment opens.

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Meet a few of our 2024 Graduates: 

Krista Schafer

Personal Trainer, Leadership Coach, and Owner of Jezmirizing

Michelle Erickson

Leadership Coach and Director of Abused Adult Resource Center, Bismarck, ND

"For a couple years, I had been keeping my eyes open for a course or program that I could participate in to work on my leadership skills, further my knowledge about myself and meet other people in a similar spot in their careers.

I knew it needed to be fulfilling, make me think and probably scare me a bit. 

I luckily found the perfect fit in the RAYMA Foundations™ Coaching Certification Program.

At the time, to be honest, I questioned whether I was in the right headspace to  fully invest in a year long program. I was dealing with some deep grief and looking back, this program inadvertently helped me work through some of that. Not only did I learn so much about myself and my skills but got to know some incredibly amazing and supportive women!

There were tough conversations, tears, laughter, and bonding. There were deep discussions, celebrations, and continual a-ha moments.

I'm very proud of this program and my accomplishments and can't wait to start coaching others! For now, I will be focusing on AARC staff but in the future I plan to coach others as well.

I am so blessed and grateful that this program came in to my life at the time it did."

Tae Pifer

Leadership Coach and Mortgage Loan Officer

"I enrolled in this program in February of 2023, I was so excited to dedicate a whole year to growing professionally as a leader.

Shortly after signing up and making that commitment to myself, I found out I was pregnant. I was nervous about the timing of this all happening at once but little did I know that this program  prepared me to becoming not only the best leader in my professional life as a Mortgage Loan Officer, but also my personal life as my new role as a mother! It wasn’t an easy task navigating a full time career, pregnancy, motherhood and this certification program but I am proud of myself for finding a way!

This certification taught me the skills of being Resilient, Authentic, having a Yes mindset, staying Motivated and being an Assertive leader.

With this certification I learned all of the skills of leveling up my life, but I also have the opportunity of transforming the lives of those around me!

Huge thank you to Raychel Perman and Mandy B. Anderson with RAYMA Team™ for this incredible opportunity!"

RAYMA Foundations™ Coaching Model Creation

In 2019, RAYMA Team™ Co-Founders Mandy B. Anderson and Raychel Perman started to lay the groundwork for what would eventually become the RAYMA Foundations™ Leadership Curriculum & Coaching Model. They wanted to revolutionize the world of leadership development by creating curriculum from a female, or feminine, perspective in an industry that has been mostly curated by men - because all perspectives matter when it comes to leadership.

The name - RAYMA - is more than just a fun combination of the RAYMA Team™ Co-Founder’s names Raychel (RAY) and Mandy (MA). It stands for the five foundational qualities that form the focus of their signature trademarked training, curriculum, and certification program: RESILIENT, ASSERTIVE, a YES Attitude, MOTIVATED, and AUTHENTIC.

RAYMA Foundations™ transcends the workplace. It combines effective life coaching techniques with timeless leadership principles, and personal stories, to develop quality leaders with healthy coping skills and strong teams. The 35 leadership principles in RAYMA Foundations™ build soft skills and hard skills simultaneously from perspectives that are often missing in traditional leadership conversations. Those who embody RAYMA Foundations™ leave a legacy that matters. They transform not only their own lives, and the lives of those they lead, they transform the future for generations to come.

In 2023, RAYMA Team™ launched the RAYMA Foundations™ Certified Coach Program. This unique 12-month immersion style program equips aspiring, rising, and established, leaders to grow their leadership skills and use the RAYMA Foundations™ curriculum and trademarked coaching techniques to achieve their goals.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Meet Your Coaches and the Creators of RAYMA Foundations™:


With over a decade of experience in the coaching industry, I specialize in helping leaders become Rockstar Leaders of strong teams and healthy businesses. Meaning, I help you navigate hard choices and team issues, speak up, get noticed, and accomplish your goals.

Areas of Expertise and Credentials:
  • Certified L.E.A.N. Health Coach from Dr. Sears Wellness Institute (2012)
  • Certified Life Coach from Light University (2014)
  • Certified Executive Coach from IAP Career College (2022)
  • Creative Coach (Branding, Speaking, Writing)
  • TEDx Speaker (2021)
  • Top 25 Women in Business for 2020 by Prairie Business Magazine.
  • Co-Host of the Fearless Feminine Leadership Podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
  • Best-Selling, Award-Winning Author 


I have been in the Counseling and Coaching industry for over 10 years. I specialize in helping people become Confident Leaders of healthy teams & businesses. Meaning, I help you increase your courage, manage stress and overwhelm, and implement healthy boundaries.

Areas of Expertise and Credentials:
  • Certified Professional Life Coach from Light University (2012)
  • Bachelors of Science in Psychology and Christian Counseling (2012)
  • Leadership Expert
  • Co-Host of the Fearless Feminine Leadership™ Podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
  • Licensed Esthetician (2002-current)
  • Board Certified Biblical Counselor (2012-2014)
  • Amazon Best-Selling Author