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Mandy B. Anderson

Accountability and Support to Become a Rockstar Leader in your career, and in life.

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My job is to help you get from where you are now...

to where you want to be.

When you work with me, you'll become a Rockstar Leader of a Strong Team and/or Business. Meaning, I help you navigate hard choices and team issues, speak up, get noticed, and accomplish your goals.

I am trained in the following RAYMA Team™ signature, trademarked techniques and curriculum:

  • Truth Statement® - A highly effective life coaching technique to help you develop a strong, healthy mindset for optimal personal development.
  • RAYMA Foundations™ - Leadership Curriculum that combines effective life coaching techniques with timeless leadership principles to develop quality leaders with strong teams and healthy coping skills.

Dear Leader: There’s a difference between your insecurities leading you and you leading authentically and confidently.


When your insecurities are leading you, you will experience things like:

❌ Being easily offended
❌ Judging others
❌ Being guarded, stiff, and stuffy
❌ Imposter syndrome
❌ Comparison and shame cycling
❌ People Pleasing
❌ Boasting about your accomplishments instead of owning them

Identifying your insecurities to unveil your truest self requires both time and vulnerability. Exceptional leaders invest their time in cultivating authenticity.

Once you grasp the art of leading with authenticity, your potential as a leader within your sphere of influence will soar.

You cannot lead others if you don’t know how to lead yourself first.

My Private Coaching Clients are clear on where they want to grow and they waste no time getting the support they need.

They are ready to dive in to both, leadership curriculum homework and coaching sessions that challenge them and give them valuable clarity at the same time.

If this is you, and you know without a doubt that you want to work with me, then I'm ready to bring my A-game to help you step into the shoes of a Rockstar Leader!

~Coach Mandy

Who is Private Coaching with

Coach Mandy for?


You want to deep dive into the RAYMA Foundations™ Leadership Curriculum  Modules with the accountability of private coaching. You are ready to become a person who is RESILIENT, AUTHENTIC, MOTIVATED, has the ability to say YES to what's possible, and be confidently ASSERTIVE. 

You're determined to excel as a leader in your life, in your career, or creatively as a Speaker/Writer/Business Owner.

You want to bring your career and leadership skills to the next level by: increasing your confidence, improving your communication and people skills, detoxing your mindset and limiting beliefs, diving deep into strategic planning, creating a solid work/life balance plan, and/or having support and accountability with your goals.

Or, maybe you just want an experienced Coach who knows what it takes to stay MOTIVATED and accomplish wild, life-changing goals like launching a business, doing a TEDx Talk, writing a book, or changing your career.

When you are ready to stop letting fear and doubt sabotage your best efforts to become a confident, Rockstar Leader who inspires positive change and leaves a legacy - no matter your title - I'm here to help!

This is NOT for you if...

You're expecting your Coach to fix everything for you.

You struggle with anxiety, depression, or other mental health conditions and have not worked with a counselor or therapist on healthy coping skills and managing your symptoms. 

You give excuses, complain, are addicted to drama, and are prone to arguing to prove you are right and stroke your ego.

What You'll Get:

You are making a significant investment in your professional and personal growth, so you get VIP treatment. My 1:1 private coaching clients get my very best, and first access to my extremely limited schedule & time. Choose your coaching plan below:



3 monthly payments*

Work with Coach Mandy for three months to improve your speaking and presentation skills. Benefits include:

  • Learn how to speak with confidence and conviction in the board room, in a 1:1 conversation, or on a stage.
  • Build your skills to keep on pace during a meeting.
  • Discover where your thoughts don't come out as clear in words vs. what you hear in your head.
  • Gain support from colleagues as you improve your communication skills through voice tone, diction, and body language.


  • Two 60-minute Zoom calls per month to work on crafting a compelling presentation or enhance your speaking skills for the boardroom, etc.
  • Weekly support via Email, What's App, or Voxer App for real time accountability and guidance as you work through your presentation.
  • 2 monthly critiques of your presentation (stage presence, tone of voice, intro, closing, etc.)

*Pay in full discount of $500 OFF available. Indicate this payment option on your application.




6 monthly payments*

Work with Coach Mandy for six months to get executive level support. Deep dive into:

  • Strategic planning
  • Work/life balance
  • Leadership guidance
  • Conflict resolution and communication skills
  • Leading through crisis
  • Accountability on goals


  • Two 60-minute Zoom calls per month.
  • Full access to the RAYMA Foundations™ Leadership Curriculum to use during sessions and as homework. ($1,500 value)
  • Private Online Coaching Portal to organize notes, prep for sessions, access homework, and complete assessments.

*Pay in full discount of $1000 OFF available. Indicate this payment option on your application.

**Includes a Certification of Completion upon submitting the final essay and assessment of each RAYMA Foundations™ Leadership Curriculum module.




3 monthly payments

Work with Coach Mandy for three months to implement specific changes in your personal life & leadership skills. Such as:

  • Increase your confidence
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Get rid of toxic self-talk
  • Or discover the basics of how to improve your creative skills such as speaking, writing, and branding.


  • One 60-minute Zoom call per month.
  • Private Online Coaching Portal to organize notes, prep for sessions, access homework, and complete assessments. 

*This package works well for clients that want to add the RAYMA Foundations™ programs one-by-one as needed, or are currently going through any of our group leadership programs and just need a few sessions to dive deeper into the principles you're learning in any of the RAYMA Foundations™ programs.


Frequently Asked Questions

What's included?
  • Monthly zoom calls (Amount depends on coaching package chosen).
  • Private client portal to keep track of session notes and resources.
  • Access to RAYMA Foundations™ Leadership Curriculum (Executive Leadership Package only)
  • Weekly text or voicemail support for real time accountability. (Executive Leadership Package only)
What happens when my coaching package is done?

When our time together is done, you can renew your coaching package, or request a Voxer Support Package for continued coaching via voice app instead of monthly sessions.

How long do I have access to the RAYMA Foundations™ Leadership Curriculum if I choose the Executive Leadership Package?

You will have access to the RAYMA Foundations™ Leadership Curriculum from the moment you register your coaching package. Your access will stay in tact for as long as the course is available through our company (Full access for the lifetime of the program).

Do we meet in person?

Yes and No. It depends on your coaching focus. For personal life coaching, leadership coaching, and creative/career coaching we will meet via Zoom to save time on travel and make sure that our time together is productive. Executive coaching clients can request in-person meetings, based on availability. Traveling expenses will be included. 

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. You can pay in full to get a discount or you can make monthly payments.

How do I schedule my sessions?

Once you register for your coaching package, you will have immediate access to a product in your library for private coaching. All coaching sessions can be scheduled there via the Acuity online scheduler. 

How do I get started?

You can get started by filling out your application below! Coach Mandy will be in touch via email with your next steps once your application has been reviewed.

What is Voxer?

Voxer is a walkie talkie app that allows voice messaging and texting. This allows us to have daily access to each other outside of our monthly calls for added support. You can ask me questions, check in with me, and get my help within 24 hours instead of waiting a month for your next session.

Hi! I'm Mandy.

My friends know that I love to laugh - in fact, my nickname in high school was actually, “Giggles.” My clients know that I'm the Coach that will believe in them, challenge them to be their best, and help them strategize solutions so that the title of a Rockstar Leader is their reality.

I was born with a life-threatening disease called Cystic Fibrosis, and have spent my life turning disappointments into meaningful experiences and overcoming the obstacles life throws at me. Because of this, I’m passionate about helping leaders and entrepreneurs become more confident, with a fierce belief in themselves and the future they want to create.

I live by the water in North Dakota with my husband, Nate, and our furbaby, Indigo - a petite goldendoodle with a big personality. I'm a Swiftie who loves to sip my coffee every morning and watch the sunrise, while most likely searching for the next perfect pair of stilettos.

Prior to co-founding my company in 2014 with my best friend, I had experience as a Property Manager of 141 town-home rentals, a Women’s Ministry Coordinator in a Mega-church, and a Trusted Leader in the hospitality industry as a Wedding & Event Planner. I helped co-found a wedding vendor network in my community and often helped manage 5-7 weddings per weekend. I eventually went on to help an extended stay hotel become one of the Top 10 hotels in the country for that hotel chain as the PR Director.

Since co-founding our company, I’ve published Best-Selling and Award-Winning books, Co-authored five leadership books for our RAYMA Foundations™ signature leadership trainings, and been featured on the North Dakota Today Show as a weekly guest expert.

With nearly a decade of experience in the coaching industry, I specialize in helping leaders navigate hard choices and team issues, speak up, get noticed, and accomplish goals so they can be Rockstar Leaders with bold confidence, strong teams, and healthy businesses.

I am an Entrepreneur with the heart of an Encourager, and I deeply believe that every human being can overcome the obstacles you face as long as you are determined to do so. Stay teachable, challenge your old paradigms, and lean into the process of becoming the person who can handle what you are hoping for.


  • Certified L.E.A.N. Health Coach (2012)
  • Certified Life Coach (2014)
  • Certified Executive Coach (2022)
  • TEDx Speaker (2021)
  • Top 25 Women in Business for 2020 by Prairie Business Magazine.
  • Co-Host of the Fearless Feminine Leadership Podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
  • Best-Selling, Award-Winning Author

What Clients are Saying:

Heidi Berogan

Director of Accounting at Ulteig, North Dakota


“I have had the privilege of working with Mandy over the last year and a half on various topics related to life and business coaching. Her training and life experiences translate into a wisdom that she shares in a way that’s helped guide me personally, professionally, and spiritually.

I have learned real life tools and tips that have had an impact on my life and those around me. Mandy has established herself as an author, a speaker, a life and business coach, an entrepreneur and an overcomer!

If you get a chance to work with Mandy, she just might change your life!

Sandy R.

Writer, North Dakota


"I am grateful for you, Coach Mandy, on a daily basis. For the precious time and energy you unselfishly expend to share you wisdom, your deep faith, your encouragement. Of all the words I have heard and read and absorbed over the last year+, yours have created the most deep and impactful fissures in my heart and soul.

It is within these cracks, where you have helped me plant those tiny seeds of self-knowledge and self-worth, that I am finally seeing growth.

I am doing things I once thought impossible. I am reaching for, rather than just wishing for, my most authentic life. I am uncovering the woman God intended me to be."

Nina S.

Social Worker, California


"Mandy is the Coach I seek when I need to navigate tough choices."

Julie B.

VP of Hotel Operations and Sales, North Dakota


"Mandy has helped me achieve great success personally and professionally.

She strategically personalizes growth plans and provides supportive accountability coaching that motivates others to reach their goals."

Jen Winterberg

Owner of Later Gator Kids Consignment Sales, North Dakota


"I absolutely love working one-on-one with Coach Mandy!

She challenges me, forces me to dig deep, and speaks to me with the tough love that only a coach can."

Beverly Unrath

Owner and CEO of Dakota Home Care, North Dakota


"I own and operate a home healthcare agency with over 100 employees and 95% are women. I first hired RAYMA Team to provide leadership training to my leadership team and personal/professional development skills to all of our employees at Dakota Home Care.

Everybody loved Mandy and Raychel! They are engaging, compelling and personal. They focused our training sessions on communication, conflict resolution and work style diversity. My entire team grew more confident. My leadership team grew closer. 

I eventually offered one on one coaching with Mandy or Raychel to my leadership team. It is so helpful to have a certified coach talk you through how to handle a crucial conversation or resolve a major issue. RAYMA Team will be a forever resource to our team at Dakota Home Care. 

I strongly recommend all companies work with RAYMA Team to give their employees the confidence and skills they need to be leaders and serve their community well. The combined service of leadership training for the organization and one one coaching is empowering! And my number one goal as a business owner is to empower my people. Thank you Raychel and Mandy for all you do!"

Let's work together to create the life and career you're dreaming of!