106: EMBRACE CHANGE and Recover From Adversity Quickly

Empowered women recover quickly from adversity. They build their resilience and bounce back quickly when life throws unexpected change at them. In this week's episode, we are highlighting the third segment of our Women's Empowerment Series from the North Dakota Today Show!

Listen in as Coach Mandy shares a few ways to practice being more resilient and open to change when adversity hits:

  1. Gain knowledge of the situation - what are the facts, not just the feelings. 
  2. Work towards solutions - when change is thrust upon you, put together an action plan.
  3. Look for the lessons - take good notes and document the change well; then assess what you've learned.



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Thank you to the North Dakota Today Show on KFYR-TV and YourNewsLeader.com for giving us permission to use this series on the show. If you'd like to watch the entire video, click this link - https://www.kfyrtv.com/video/2022/01/25/nd-today-embracing-change/.