“If you're looking for a place to start digging deeper and getting to the

root of issues or proactively wanting to challenge and nurture your staff,

you needn't look further than Coach Mandy and Coach Raychel."

~Rami Topp
Educator, North Dakota

We're Mandy B. Anderson and Raychel Perman, the Co-Founders of RAYMA Team, LLC.


We met at a small Bible camp back in fifth grade and have been Besties ever since. Back then we thought we would grow up to be the next Point of Grace or Destiny's Child - singing together at the camp talent show was what brought us together. Our mutual love of deep conversations, personal growth, the coaching industry, and all things leadership is what led us to eventually become business partners. 

Our name - RAYMA - is more than just a combination of our names. It stands for the five foundational qualities that form the focus for our signature leadership trainings:

  • Resilience
  • Authenticity
  • a Yes attitude
  • Motivation
  • Assertiveness 

Prior to starting our company in 2014, we both had leadership experience as volunteer leaders in various church settings, as well as in the marketplace.

Raychel had a decade long career in the spa industry where she trained and hired Estheticians as the Lead Esthetician. At the same time she was running a spa, she also got her degree in Psychology and Christian Counseling while raising two small children with a husband who traveled frequently for work.

Mandy was a trusted leader in the hospitality industry as a Wedding & Event Planner where she often managed up to seven weddings per weekend. She eventually went on to help an extended stay hotel become one of the Top 10 hotels in the country for that hotel chain as the PR Director.

Since starting our company, we've helped thousands of women around the world step into the shoes of mature, respected female leaders. We've written and published Best-Selling books, been featured on the North Dakota Today Show as weekly guest experts, won awards in business, and published our own leadership curriculum written exclusively for women - by women. Mandy has even become a TEDx Speaker! But our most favorite accomplishment is helping our clients reach their goals and become the Confident, Rock Star Female Leaders of strong teams and businesses.

When you work with us, you’re getting over a decade of experience in leadership development and business building. We’ve learned what works and what doesn’t when it comes to being fearless female leaders of teams and businesses. And we're sharing our knowledge with you so you can step into the shoes of a Confident, Rock Star Female Leader, too!

And because we always get asked, here's the story of how our business started...

2013 - The Girls on the Big Blue Couch Radio Show/Podcast began

2014 - Big Blue Couch Coaching, LLC was established

2015 - The First Beautiful Wholeness Event

2018 - Beautiful Wholeness

2018 - Our First Magazine Cover on Inspired Women Magazine

2019 - rebranding to our DBA, RAYMA Team

RAYMA Team didn't just pop out of the air one day. I mean the name did just drop into Mandy's head when she was running on the treadmill. But, in all seriousness it took years of digging ditches and laying the groundwork to get us here. It's a story full of hopes and dreams with mountain top experiences and crushing failures. There’s even a bit of scandal! It’s blockbuster material! So grab your coffee and sit back to enjoy the tale of how the Girls on the Big Blue Couch became the Fearless Feminine Leaders of RAYMA Team...


Mandy B. Anderson and Raychel Perman started their first company together in 2014. Bright eyed and full of hope they set off on the journey of entrepreneurship with heads full of dreams and hearts bursting with naivete. Like all women carrying the torch of entrepreneur before them, they too had a story that led them to starting our life coaching company. But, unlike many partnerships, theirs didn’t start the day they decided to go into business together. Their journey began nearly three decades before.

Mandy & Raychel met the summer between fifth and sixth grade, at a small Bible Camp smack dab in the middle of North Dakota. They bonded over a love of singing and escaping group activities. They would hide in their cabin while Mandy did the breathing treatments she required to keep her lungs as healthy as possible because of the disease she was born with called, cystic fibrosis.

They would gush over the cute boys, talk about their budding faith, practice singing harmony with Disney songs and old hymns, process family and friend drama, and dream about the future. Back then success meant becoming 90s Christmas music singing sensation, Point of Grace.

Eventually they realized that becoming a famous music group wasn’t in the cards for them. But that dream of doing something together never really died. They had many conversations over the years that started with, “wouldn’t it be cool if…”

In 2011, they finally found themselves living in the same town. About a year later life happened in a way neither of them saw coming. That year, Mandy would spend 22 days in the hospital fighting for her life. It was a perfect storm brought on by unresolved grief, trauma from a house fire where she lost everything, and walking by faith for a supernatural healing. Her risky decisions almost cost her the successful life she dreamed of.

Raychel would face severe Postpartum OCD as she welcomed their 3rd child. Anxiety and intrusive thoughts robbed her of her mental and emotional health for nearly a year. And, in the background she battled against the war that alcoholism was raging inside her husband. Her marriage was falling apart at the seams, and she was drowning in the pressure of it all.

During that time, Mandy & Raychel often found themselves sitting on the big blue couch in Raychel’s living room, processing life. This wasn’t any old piece of furniture. It turned into a magical place where they would snuggle into its faded cushions to laugh, cry, eat, and dream again.

It was during those times that they solidified their friendship and learned how to rise out of the ashes of their circumstances. They learned how to grieve what was lost while simultaneously saying yes to a brighter future. 

In 2013, Raychel started working for a local church as a board-certified biblical counselor and soon convinced Mandy to come on board and build a lay ministry team and launch their first event for women. A couple weeks before the marketing would start on that event, everything changed.

Once again Mandy & Raychel found themselves on that much-loved couch processing life. Drunk on wine and revenge, convinced someone was trying to steal their dream, an idea transpired. They decided to take authority over their future and build from the ashes. That night their first LLC - Big Blue Couch Coaching - was born.

They saw lots of success with that first company. Sold out events. Traveling for speaking engagements. Publishing their own books and coaching content. They even had a weekly spot on a local television morning show for almost three years straight.

When Raychel filed for divorce in 2017, Mandy often steered the business ship. It was a skill they earned all the way back in 2012. When one of them was weak, the other was strong. Like a tiny herd of momma elephants in the wild, they learned how to surround each other and kick up dirt when the other was in distress. Business thrived amid personal tragedy.

Something changed as they approached their 5th anniversary in 2019. The business wasn’t successful like it was before. Numbers dwindled. Sales slowed. And they were consistently in the red. What once fit like a favorite comfy sweater started to feel like a pair of pants that shrunk in the dryer. They were outgrowing their own dream.

So, they lit a match and burned everything down. They rose from the ashes with a new look, a new name, a new ownership team, a new mission - and RAYMA Team, LLC was born.

These days they sit on cognac leather couches when they need to process life. Every setback, mistake, and victory mattered. Because it landed them here with a strong conviction of what success looks like and a return to their why.

Mandy & Raychel don’t peddle a "one-size-fits-all" answer to success. They know that what is success for one woman is a nightmare for another. They lead by example and live with intention as they overcome health challenges, balance work and family, and build a successful company with a heart-led mission. It’s a delicate dance some days. And they vulnerably share both the highs and the lows.


So that’s the tale of how it all began, and how we ended up here. We can't wait to work with you and cheer you on in this one wild life that you get to live. 

Much love and with grace & grit,

~Mandy and Raychel

2019 - Official RAYMA Team launch

2019 - time to get off the couch and step into something new

2020 - RAYMA Team, LLC is officially established

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