It Starts With a Choice…

beautiful wholeness event blog fearless feminine leadership mandy b. anderson Jan 26, 2023

Watch this short video for a special message from Coach Mandy!

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Video notes:

Chances are, you are hoping for a lot of things right now...

You might be hoping for your circumstances to change or to be successful in your career.

You might be hoping for your family to be safe and happy.

You might even be hoping for your health to be healed.

When you hope for something, and the storms of life happen, do you get discouraged and feel like giving up?

The very first session of the Beautiful Wholeness Retreat is called: It Starts With a Choice.

In this session you'll discover what it takes to keep your hope alive, how to better understand the broken pieces of your life, and how to make your disappointments matter.

This event is not a fluffy motivational event with swag bags and decorations. Oh No! It's an in-depth life and leadership training to equip women with skills to become confident leaders - no matter what their title is.

If you've been hungry for deep leadership training, this is for you!

If you've been feeling hopeless and you want to find your hope again, this is for you!

If you've been lonely and looking for an inspiring group of women to network with and learn from, this is for you!

Bottom line: It starts with a choice. Make the choice to join us at Beautiful Wholeness and let's spark your hope again in a powerful, lasting way.

Much love and with grace & grit,

~Coach Mandy