How Leaders Can Use Truth Statements® to Bounce Back

blog leadership raychel perman resilience Oct 14, 2022

Today I want to talk about your mindset and talk you through a powerful tool you can use to grow your ability to bounce back from life's greatest changes. We have seen it over and over again that leaders can use Truth Statements®  to build their resilience. So let's talk about it!

You can read the show notes below or click the video to listen to me explain this concept! 

If we have never met before- I'm Raychel Perman a certified Life & Leadership Coach and the Co-Founder of RAYMA Team™, LLC- a life and leadership coaching company for women. We are passionate about equipping people to be confident Rockstar Leaders with emotional strength and resilience.

A Truth Statement® is a trademarked coaching concept we developed at RAYMA Team, LLC to help build your faith and overcome faith. This is a coaching tool that reframes negative mindsets for truth and positivity. A truth Statement combines Bible Verses with personalized words of affirmation that you can speak over your life to remind you of who you are and who you want to be. 

Here's how it works: You say your Truth Statement® out loud every day, 3x a day, for 30 days. Yes, out loud. Your brain needs to hear your voice for the neuropathways to rewire themselves. It's incredible what your brain can do! Google it!

And yes, it feels weird if you have never done this before. Do it anyway. Ready? Let's get started... 

My past does not define my future. 
I am strong and brave. 
This will not destroy me. 
I reap what I sow. I won't give up. 
There are moments of joy each and every day. 

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Bottom line: You can build your resilience as a leader by using a simple coaching tool like Truth Statements®.

Talk again soon! 

~Coach Raychel