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Build Resilience by Changing the Tape

Oct 17, 2019

Want to have More Resilience? Change the Tape. 

By Raychel Perman

Resilient people bounce back from adversity. They are self-aware. They practice acceptance. They are OK with not having all the answers and they take care of themselves. They are flexible and don’t let adversity keep them down for long.

But how?

Enter cognitive restructuring. It’s one way you can develop more resilience.

A very useful technique that identifies inaccurate negative thoughts and then challenge and change them. It’s a practice derived from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and it helps you reduce depression, stress, anxiety, and cope with difficult events.

CBT is one of the most effective psychological treatments for common problems like depression, anxiety disorders, and binge eating. (Psychology today)

To put it simply, you need to think about what your thinking about. And change the tape if it’s not accurate. Let’s talk about 3 common negative and...

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4 Characteristics of Resilient People

Sep 12, 2019

Video Notes...

Today on the Unlikely CEO blog series we are talking about resilience. Resilience is that characteristic that makes you flexible when adversity and challenges happen in your life. It's one of the foundational character qualities we teach here at RAYMA Team.

Specifically, I share four specific behaviors resilient people do that makes them more adaptable when life gets hard. It how they roll with the punches and come out on the other side of adversity with strength and confidence.

4 Characteristics of Resilient People:

  1. Talk about the issues
  2. Ask for help
  3. Work towards solutions
  4. Look for the lessons

Talk to you again next week!

With love and moxie,

~ Raychel Perman

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Will the Real You Please Stand Up? Here's Some Simple Tips to Be More Authentic

Sep 05, 2019

Authenticity is being true to your own unique self. It’s a genuineness that shines through and attracts others. Discovering who you are will make you a confident decision maker and trustworthy leader. Will the real you please stand up? Because we need you.

Our September/October focus in the EMERGE coaching program is on authenticity. Being more authentic is one of the 5 pillar characteristics we teach at RAYMA Team. We want to encourage and equip you to show up in real ways as your true self personally and professionally, whether you are in one of our programs or not! So, here are some simple tips to help you be more authentic:

#1- Get clear on your values

Authentic people have strong values and beliefs. They live their lives according to their values. They don't just adopt their friends or parents’ beliefs. Authentic people discover for themselves why they believe something. This can include spiritual beliefs, moral beliefs, or anything you believe holds value for you....

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3 Unusual Habits of Highly Successful People

Aug 15, 2019

Highly successful people are masters at creating routines and habits that guarantee success. For today’s post, I’m going to share three uncommon habits of highly successful people. These are habits I’m betting you can’t repeat ad nauseam (sleeping 8-10 hours, waking up early, meditating, exercising, etc.) but are still found as common practices for highly successful millionaires and billionaires. These are three daily habits you can start implementing immediately to create more success in your own life!

#1 Read more nonfiction

We have all heard the Harry S. Truman quote, “all leaders are readers.” It’s true. Reading is a daily habit for highly successful people. Most notably they prefer reading nonfiction like biographies, self-help, and history. Billionaire Warren Buffett once said that reading is the most important habit he has incorporated into his daily life. “I just sit in my office and read all day,” (Source.)


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How to Break the Lie of “l Can’t”

Aug 08, 2019

Full discloser this first blog post is a doozy. I’m going all in on what happens when you believe the lie “You can’t...” How much this lie has cost me. And, WHY you must muster your courage and say “watch me.”

Let’s start with a confession:

I was scared to death to write this first blog post. Like procrastinate until the last hour, avoid at all costs, scared. Seems crazy right? I mean my job title literally says “CEO, Speaker, Author.”

Writing has been a passion for me since I was a little girl. I was always writing little stories and stapling lined pages together to make my books.

During my 8th grade creative writing class, I decided I wanted to be an author one day. I promised Mrs. Joersz that I would dedicate my first book to her. It was a promise I fulfilled in 2015 when our company self-published my first coaching course.

I’m an author and a writer. I’ve proven it over and over again. I’ve...

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