Our vision for the Rockstar Leaders membership

May 01, 2023

Did you know we have a monthly membership podcast with a live group coaching call? You probably didn't because, well, we haven't done the best job marketing it. It's ongoing and sometimes we just... forget to tell you about it! Which is a bummer because, this membership podcast & group coaching call program really is the best fit for our clients that have limited time (and a limited budget) but still want to work with us. So, allow us to take a few moments to share with you THE VISION for Rockstar Leaders, WHAT YOU GET each month in this ongoing program, and WHAT WE EXPECT of our members so you can get the most out of this membership, should you choose to join...


Our Vision for the Rockstar Leaders Membership:

The Rockstar Leaders Membership is your place to experience our RAYMA Foundations™ Leadership Training while also getting monthly coaching and accountability on your terms. As your Coaches and Mentors, we are in your corner - always bringing our A-game to give you the highest level of support.


Number 1: The vision of Rockstar Leaders is that this is a place for YOU to become a Rockstar Leader that others look up to. It’s a place for you to get monthly support and accountability, along with focused leadership training in convenient doses.

The best Rockstars dig deep and vulnerably share their life lessons and their joy. They know how to share the spotlight, so the entire band gets their moment to shine! They inspire connection around the world, they innovate and reinvent themselves when necessary, and they define success on their own terms. It’s time to step into a legacy of leadership like that!


Number 2: WHAT YOU GET each month...

Each month you get:

  • A leadership podcast episode from our RAYMA Foundations™ Leadership Curriculum. This episode will be available on the first Tuesday of each month by 5:30pm central time. (You get a personal private link to listen on Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts so it's conveniently ready in your favorite podcast app.)
  • A PGP worksheet (Personal Growth Plan) to jot down your goals for the month and a spot to take notes from the podcast episodes.
  • You get a monthly 60-minute group coaching Q&A call that will be recorded and added to the podcast lineup for the month so you still get to hear the conversation even if you can’t make the call. The group coaching call replay will be added to the podcast by 5:30pm on the third Tuesday of each month.
  • Monthly accountability and connection in the private Rockstar Leaders Community Area - it’s like a Facebook group only with no drama and no distractions - just growth and guidance!
  • And here’s a fun new bonus: You’ll get 10% OFF any of the RAYMA Foundations™ Podcast Courses that you choose to dive into for deeper leadership growth!

Through all of these membership perks, you’ll learn how to show up and lead with resilience, no matter how you feel or what is going on in your life. You’ll discover how to lead authentically and say yes to what’s possible. And you’ll implement the secrets of self-motivation and assertiveness that leave a different legacy of leadership - one that transcends the workplace and leaves your mark on history.


Number 3: WHAT WE EXPECT of you so you can get the most out of this membership

We expect that you show up and lean in to the membership you invested in. This means you devour the podcasts AND implement what you’re learning. It also means you make every effort to get on the group Q&A calls and connect in the membership community once a month.

Your Coaches DO encourage questions - however all questions should be posted in the Community Area instead of emailed to us privately. When you post questions in the community area, it gives others a chance to learn as well, and it also gives you a chance to get more encouragement when you post your wins and challenges in the accountability posts!

You’ll get automatic emails each month when podcast episodes drop, along with email reminders about the login details for each coaching call. And, any links or details that you need will be posted in the show notes of each episode and/or the Members Only Community Board.


Okay. So that’s everything you need to know about this membership!


Ready to join us?!

Click here to register and get immediate access to the current podcast episodes, PLUS access to this month's training and group coaching call!

We look forward to working with you!

~Coach Mandy & Coach Raychel