PR: North Dakota Leadership Company Launches New Leadership Program For Women

press release Feb 15, 2022



North Dakota Leadership Company Launches New Leadership Program For Women


BISMARCK, ND – February 15th, 2022


RAYMA Team, LLC – a women owned life and leadership coaching company located in Bismarck, ND – announces a brand-new leadership program focused on equipping women to be wise, confident leaders.

The Leadership Principles for HerMastermind is filled with 35 leadership principles that are designed by RAYMA Team Co-Founders, Mandy B. Anderson and Raychel Perman, to help women embrace the leadership they have in their lives and careers. Each principle has been implemented by Anderson and Perman over the last decade as they worked with thousands of women who have stepped into their own version of confident leadership around the world.

“When I was in a local Woman’s Leadership Program in 2018, many of the women in my class mentioned that they didn’t like reading a leadership book by a man because they couldn’t relate to it,” says Anderson. “We realized then that we had an opportunity to create something to fill that need. So that’s exactly what we did.”

Women that go through this program will be get a curriculum of five hardcover leadership books published exclusively for the program by Anderson and Perman, as well as a full syllabus of the class schedule and program expectations. All class sessions will be held weekly via Zoom starting March 8th through July 26th. A Certificate of Achievement will be given to each student at the end of the program.

To learn more about the program investment, the monthly curriculum, and see a list of frequently asked questions, visit Registration officially opens on February 22nd and is limited to 10 women total.


About RAYMA Team, LLC:

RAYMA Team, LLC is a life and leadership coaching company that empowers people to step into the shoes of confident leaders. The clients they work with include women that want to level up in their personal and professional lives, and organizations that want to empower their staff to lead well and communicate better. Contact them to learn more about their services.


Contact Info:

Mandy B. Anderson



[email protected]

Photo Captions:


Photo 1: Mandy B. Anderson (left) and Raychel Perman (right) are the Co-Founders of RAYMA Team, LLC. They are also Certified Coaches and Best-Selling Authors.


Photo 2: The Leadership Principles for HerMastermind includes curriculum of five hardcover books written by Anderson and Perman.






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