The Five Crucial Pages Every Website Needs

business skills website training Aug 03, 2020

By: Raychel Perman

Building a website from scratch is daunting to say the least. And, if you’re like most entrepreneurs you are saving some cash and bootstrapping the process. I have done that for every single website I’ve built in the last decade! Turns out the process is quicker if you know the five crucial pages every website needs. No more wasting precious time! Yes!

  1. About Page

This is the page where everyone goes to learn more about YOU and your company. It can be formal, quirky, or anything in between. It’s the place where your personality can shine because this page is all about the greatness of you, and what you have built. Here is some basic info you need to have:

  • Photos of you and snapshots of your life and work
  • A Personal bio with details about you, your education, your hobbies, your family, and any other fun details you want to provide.
  • Why do you do what do (What made you start this business and why are you passionate about it?)
  • What people can expect on your website. For example, what day blogs or podcasts come out and what topics you cover.
  • A professional bio, if you have it.
  1. Contact Page

People need to know how to contact you. This page should include your business hours, your contact information, links to social media platforms, standard wait time for a reply, and your address (if you have a physical location.) Most website platforms allow you to imbed a form for people to leave a message that will go to your email, if you would prefer. 

  1. Products or Services Page

This page could be your store or standalone pages. Either works! You just need to have the ability to sell your products or services and collect payment. Simple and clear product descriptions with bright and clean photos is a great place to start. You can add more as you go. If you have testimonials this is a great place to add them.

  1. Permissions & Copyright Page

This is a page that often gets forgotten about but is super important, especially for those in the fields of writing, speaking, coaching, and informational products. Be sure to include a clear copyright line that explains what content can be shared, how it can be shared, and what content cannot be shared. Make sure to add a disclaimer if necessary.

  1. FAQ Page

Every business has a list of frequently asked questions. If you are brand new, start keeping track of the questions people ask you and you will notice a trend. Take some time to list 3-5 of your FAQ's and then create a page for them. Please note, we often add FAQ to our sale's pages, about page, and even the contact page. You could do the same, it’s your call!

Building a website does not have to be overwhelming. Even if you choose to bootstrap it and create your website from scratch! Knowing the five crucial pages every website needs will give you the confidence and the skills to get it done, quickly.

With grace & grit,


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