Unpopular Opinion: You Can’t Actually Avoid Burnout.

blog leadership development rayma foundations Nov 20, 2023

Leaders that want to stay motivated need to learn how to deal with burnout when it comes. Instead of ignoring a looming crisis, learn to accept that stress is often a normal part of life. Take steps to safeguard your emotional, mental, and physical health.

Your choice to honor burnout when it shows up equips you to stay motivated!

So HOW exactly do you do that?

Inside the MOTIVATED module of our signature leadership program called, RAYMA Foundations™, we give you five action steps to take when you recognize the signs of burnout.

If this little morsel resonated with you at all, then you’ve got to get the MOTIVATED course! Actually, get the entire RAYMA Foundations™ program as a digital bundle at 50% off on Black Friday!

And remember: Your choice to embrace burnout instead of ignoring it equips you to live and lead well and stay a self-motivated leader.

~Coach Mandy & Coach Raychel💛



P.S. The audio clip in this post is an excerpt from the MOTIVATED Leadership Curriculum book and podcast. Copyright © 2023 Mandy B. Anderson & Raychel Perman and published by RAYMA Team™ Media, a division of RAYMA Team™, LLC.