3 Characteristics of Authentic Leaders

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In a world where leaders are often seen as distant figures, disconnected from the realities of their followers and team members, people crave authentic leadership.  AUTHENTIC leaders are people who are true to themselves, genuine towards others, and honest in their communication. They inspire trust, foster collaboration, and create a positive work environment. Everyone wants to follow a leader like this! Let's talk about what AUTHENTIC leaders do well and what sets them apart. 

#1- Authentic leaders have the courage to face their emotions.

Many leaders struggle when it comes to feeling their emotions. The intensity alone can be overwhelming! It makes some people feel out of control and unsafe. So, instead of bravely facing their negative self talk, unhealed hurts, and strong emotions they just stuff them. Unexpressed emotion will eat you alive. No joke. 

Facing your emotions was not always encouraged in old school methods of leadership & business. But people are craving leaders who have the courage to express their feelings. Authenticity makes every leader, and every person they lead, better!  AUTHENTIC Leaders embrace the truth that facing their emotions is a strong feminine leadership quality- not a weakness. 

#2- Authentic leaders embrace vulnerability with themselves and others. 

When leaders can be vulnerable with themselves and others the shackles of overwhelm fall off and boldness returns. Faith builds. Clarity comes. Courage grows. Authentic leaders understand that vulnerability is what allows them to rise up out of the ashes of their circumstances and overcome imposter syndrome! They know that vulnerability does not mean they have to share every detail of every hard thing in their life. Not at all. That's what counselors, coaches, and mentors are for! AUTHENTIC Leaders bravely embrace vulnerability.

#3 Authentic leaders have the courage to admit when they are weak at something (or wrong!)

Ick. Right? Admitting you are weak at something, or wrong, can be nearly impossible for some people. Like we would rather do anything else than admit we don't have all the answers! However, putting on a brave face, while hiding from the root problems, is exhausting. You get stuck in a mind-numbing, never-ending pride cycle that wears you down until you are burned out, hopeless, and sometimes even sick. Trust me, everyone can see the mask you are trying to hid behind. It takes far more courage to admit the truth than to keep hiding and pretending to be strong.

Authentic leaders have a profound impact on their teams, the organizations they lead, and the people who follow them. By facing their emotions, embracing their vulnerability, and having the courage to admit when they are weak, AUTHENTIC leaders empower others to reach their full potential. In a world where leadership is often associated with power and control, authentic leaders stand out with their genuine vulnerability. As organizations strive for success and growth, the importance of AUTHENTIC leadership cannot be overstated. By cultivating AUTHENTIC leadership individuals and organizations can thrive and leave a legacy that matters. 

~ Coach Raychel 

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