Surprising Ways Female Leaders Lose Trust and Respect

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As a Leader, you are always teaching people how to treat you - and others - by what you allow. And it is in these actions that respect is built or torn down.

I stopped by the ND Today set and had a chat with Hope and Heidi about a few actions that actually make people lose respect for you, whether they are aware of it or not, AND what you can start doing to fix it:


  • Not Addressing Childish Moods and Behaviors in Meetings: If you have immature team members or business partners that constantly roll their eyes or blow up in anger when they don't get their way or just don't like to put in the effort of hard work, then you’ve taught them that it’s okay not to respect you. That is disrespectful behavior! Coddling them, dancing around the issues, and even over-explaining in an effort to avoid conflict doesn't help. You've got to learn how to confidently call it out and address it. Put down the boundary of what you will and won't stand for as the Leader or Co-Leader. Everyone deserves to be respected - even you.


  • Lack of Designated Work Time and Personal Time: If you reply to client messages at all hours of the day, then you’ve taught them that not respecting your work hours is okay.
  • Waiting Until Everyone Arrives To Start A Meeting: If you wait to start the team meeting until everyone arrives - even if it is 5 or 10 minutes late - then you’ve taught them to not respect your time or anyone else’s. The quickest way to get people to show up on time or even a few minutes early is to start the meeting on time as planned. If they show up late, they miss information that won't be repeated. Make sure you frame this ahead of time by telling them that the next meeting will start on time and if you come in late you risk missing information that will not be repeated. Set the expectations - you're the Leader for a reason!

Respect starts with you and these are just a few of the different ways that you allow people to disrespect you. When you allow disrespect to continue, it causes people to lose confidence in you. This actually challenges other team members that like to take charge to want to take over and rise above you because they see you as incompetent. Making these tiny shifts in how you manage yourself in those situations can make a big difference in people starting to respect you!


Ready to become a more respected female leader?

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You deserve to be respected as a female leader, and your leadership matters. Let's work together to get you there!


Much love,

~Coach Mandy


This video was originally aired on ND Today on KFYR-TV on June 27, 2022. Used by permission. Original video link: