30 Lessons Learned in My 30's

authenticity mandy b. anderson personal growth personal leadership Dec 04, 2021
30 Lessons Learned in My 30’s

Dear hopeful 30 year-old Mandy,

Right now you are excited about publishing your very first book. You’ve got BIG dreams for the future and you truly believe you are healed of Cystic Fibrosis. But in just a few months, it’s going to get dark. And you’re going to lose hope. So here’s some words of wisdom from a newly minted 40 year-old Mandy:

1. Your first book isn’t your only. It’s also not your best. Don’t be so hard on yourself - you’re just beginning.

2. Huffing peppermint essential oil in the bathroom at a conference is not bold. It’s stupid. Do your breathing treatments!

3. It’s okay to feel far from God when you’re in the dark. He’s not far from you and that’s what matters most.

4. God heals through medicine. Trust me, you’re going to need this nugget in five months.

5. A personal sized gluten free pizza is not enough food for your pregnant Bestie. You won’t live this down!

6. Don’t judge people that read 50 Shades of Gray, lest you yourself be judged.

7. That pink bathrobe you love so much - wash it.

8. Your Picasso Period is right around the corner. Get ready. Also - use a paint brush, not a stick.

9. It’s okay if you aren’t sure that you believe half of what you wrote in your first book anymore. You’re allowed to change your mind and evolve.

10. This isn’t the end of your story; it’s the beginning. Make. It. Matter.

11. Some friendships won’t make it through this decade. Bless and release them.

12. Some of the leaders you admire now will disappoint you in big ways. Forgive them and learn from it.

13. Boundaries. Trust me, you need them.

14. Your views on things that you are 100% sure of right now will change in ways that you can’t fathom right now. Embrace it.

15. Keep hard copies and digital copies of all of your content and never get rid of it. It’s gold for the future.

16. Encourage your husband often. He craves it.

17. The worst thing about success is a little bit. Watch your pride and ego.

18. You won’t fit in with the crowds you think you want to fit in with right now. That’s alright. Find your people; they are waiting.

19. Get used to apartment living. It’s a longer season than you think. And it’s totally worth it.

20. Hug your furbaby, Ajah B., often and spend as much time with her as possible. The end comes to soon. You’ll be so happy that you did.

21. Remember this: You can’t control what other people think or say about you. Be you. God will sort the rest out.

22. Spoiler: You run a half-marathon. You also LOVE running because it's where you find inspiration, clarity, stress release, and God. Real!

23. Some relationships from the past are worth reshaping. Others can be left alone. You’ll know the difference when the time comes.

24. When haters throw bricks at you, remember that you have a kind and honest heart. That’s why it hurts.

25. Stop redoing your websites so often! Start M-A-R-K-E-T-I-N-G better!

26. Your dream home is worth waiting for.

27. When the pandemic comes, you’ll be able to handle it because you’ve been down roads that feel similar. Lean into what you learned during the fire.

28. Don’t be afraid of loneliness. Learn to embrace it.

29. Your new furbaby, Indigo, is not Ajah B. Remember this and love him for who he truly is.

30. Becoming a Best-Selling Author happens in this decade but it takes a lot of work. Don’t give up now.

Who you become in your 30’s matters, Mandy. As I look back on this decade, I see the highs and the lows and everything in between. In many ways you will get to the end feeling like you haven’t progressed that far. And then you’ll dig out your journals and realize how far you truly have come after all. You are not the same woman when you turn 40. You are stronger. Wiser. More resilient. When you find yourself in that Hope Deferred stage, work that mulch into the ground to plant Dangerous Hope again! (You’ll understand what I mean in about nine years.)

I’m proud of you. Now let’s go knock our 40’s out of the park!

Much love,