Dear Leader: Your Calling Isn’t What You Think It Is…

blog leadership development raychel perman rayma foundations resilience Nov 07, 2023

Your calling isn't some super spiritual thing that always fits into your passions or purpose. Whatever you find for your hands to do is your calling. Sometimes your job or profession is for a season. It could be for a lifetime. Maybe it lines up with your passion and purpose. Often it doesn't.

We put WAAAAAAY too much pressure on ourselves (and frankly let ourselves throw one too many pity parties) when we think our job isn't a calling, or it sucks, or it isn’t worth our very best efforts because it doesn't follow our passions or purpose.

In the RESILIENT module of our signature leadership program called, RAYMA Foundations™, I created a method to help you gain clarity around the confusion and shame that comes with trying to figure out your calling. It has given so many leaders the freedom to stop questioning their life purpose so they could step into a legacy of leading well!

If this little morsel resonated with you at all, then you’ve got to get the RESILIENT course! Actually, get the entire RAYMA Foundations™ program as a digital bundle at 50% off on Black Friday!

When you do, you’ll find yourself becoming one of our RESILIENT Leaders who have freedom from the shame associated with finding your purpose and calling.

~Coach Raychel 🖤