Connections are Worth the Risk

blog connection healthy relationships professional development raychel perman rayma foundations Oct 06, 2023

Extraordinary means something that is out of the ordinary. An extraordinary leader is one who does something others typically don’t. Extraordinary leaders purposefully look for ways to expand their connections because they know deep connections are what make life interesting. Risky? Of course. But what’s life without a little risk?

We've learned that connections are worth the risk!

The truth is, we all want close relationships, friendships, and an emotionally available partner. But oh that is risky, right? A great way to start building your skill in this area is to network more and build your professional connections first. It seems a little less risky because the vulnerability level is different. It is the perfect place to practice expanding your connections. 

After years of toxic broken relationships & friendships, connection is our greatest wish and our worst nightmare. We want to open up and be closer to the people around us, but it scares us. We have learned from past experiences that it is not always safe to be vulnerable, so

We protect ourselves from the one thing we need: Connection.

Closing ourselves off because we are scared of being vulnerable only brings loneliness and misery. Extraordinary leaders embrace vulnerability and practice being AUTHENTIC even when it feels risky. They confront their fears of vulnerability and connection by expose themselves to it.

Start by joining your local Chamber and attending their monthly mixers. Or, jump into a networking group like BNI or Master Networks where you can meet up with like- minded people every week. Or, maybe you are ready to work with us in one of our upcoming 7-week Leadership Programs!

Every business owner, entrepreneur, and career person needs to network more. Don't miss out on all the benefits of expanding your connections because you're afraid. Avoidance only makes the fear bigger, not smaller. Extraordinary leaders know that building connections is always worth the risk.

~Coach Raychel & Coach Mandy