Is the money worth selling out your values?

blog rayma foundations Nov 13, 2023

We all bring some sort of value to the table, no matter where we are or what title we have. But, when you don’t know that you have value to offer, you don’t use it intentionally or authentically.

And if you’re not sure what your values are, you’ll be easily swayed by shiny objects. Like money.

I’ve worked with many leaders who get paid well but constantly feel like their family is living life without them because they’ve traded the things they value most for something that isn’t even important to them anymore.

Monetary value is important. But it’s not everything. And at the end of the day, if the things you value most keep getting pushed to the bottom of the priority list because of the demands of a job, you’ll wake up wondering what happened to the life you wanted. 💔

In the AUTHENTIC module of our signature leadership program called, RAYMA Foundations™, we help you gain clarity around your core values. We also help you identify the four kinds of value that you offer the world around you. And we help you put new habits and boundaries into action so you can make the necessary changes to move forward in those values.

This principle, and the exercises that come with it, help leaders shift their perspective so they can lead well with value.

If this little morsel resonated with you at all, then you’ve got to get the AUTHENTIC course! Actually, get the entire RAYMA Foundations™ program as a digital bundle at 50% off on Black Friday!

When you do, you’ll find yourself becoming an AUTHENTIC Leader with healthy boundaries around your core values, and a clear understanding about the value you bring to your team, your family, and the world around you.

~Coach Mandy 💛