The Unintended Danger of Accountability (SWO Podcast ep. 21)

she who overcomes podcast Aug 05, 2019

Hello RAYMA Nation! Every Monday a brand new episode drops of the She Who Overcomes Podcast with yours truly, Mandy B. Anderson. Today’s episode is an in depth conversation with Raychel Perman, my best friend and business partner here at RAYMA Team. We’ve been Coaches for nearly a decade, and there’s something we’ve noticed that must be addressed: the unintended danger of accountability.

Don’t get me wrong, accountability is a good thing. However, there comes a point where it gets twisted and toxic. Grab your coffee and let’s dive into the dangers of this and what to do about it!

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This episode is especially helpful to Coaches, Trainers, and Mentors. It will also be helpful for all clients that are working with a coach, a trainer, or a mentor.

Dangers of Accountability:

  • Danger 1 - Co-dependency
  • Danger 2 - Comparison

Questions to ask yourself if you notice these dangers showing up in your life:

  • What am I getting from this emotionally?
  • How can I shift this to a healthy mindset within myself?

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