The World Needs You to Speak Up

assertive blog leadership development rayma foundations Nov 21, 2023

Whether you are speaking in a board meeting, leading a meeting with your team, or speaking from a stage: The world needs you to speak up!

Many leaders, and really humans in general, are deathly afraid of speaking in public. No matter the size of the audience! However, the truth is this: In order to step into the shoes of an assertive leader, you will need to overcome your fear of speaking up. You can't expect others to speak for you. You must believe and know in your knower that your voice is powerful. So, you must use it effectively.

Inside the ASSERTIVE module of our signature leadership program called, RAYMA Foundations™, we give you tips and tricks to help you become a leader who knows how to speak up.

If this little morsel resonated with you at all, then you’ve got to get the ASSERTIVE course! Actually, get the entire RAYMA Foundations™ program as a digital bundle at 50% off on Black Friday!

Remember: Your voice is powerful. Your words matter and it’s time to get comfortable speaking up. Mastering the tips inside the ASSERTIVE module will help you become an assertive leader who speaks up easily.

~Coach Mandy & Coach Raychel💛

P.S. The audio clip in this post is an excerpt from the ASSERTIVE Leadership Curriculum book and podcast. Copyright © 2023 Mandy B. Anderson & Raychel Perman and published by RAYMA Team™ Media, a division of RAYMA Team™, LLC.