What Female Leaders Should Not Apologize For

blog fearless feminine leadership podcast Sep 12, 2022
What Female Leaders Should Not Apologize For

Compulsive apologizing is a sign of insecurity and a lack of confidence. It's ruining your leadership and we've got to talk about it!

How to give an authentic apology is something that we teach in our Course, The Honor Code of Conflict Resolution. Genuine apologies are important! However, many women - and especially women leaders - struggle with compulsive apologizing. They over apologize for everything and it's ruining your leadership and influence.

Let's dive into some things that female leaders should not apologize for...
  1. Implementing Boundaries- this is especially true when people expect that you will constantly be available. Open door policies are great, however they should have boundaries around them. Model healthy boundaries and don't apologize for it!
  2. Showing Emotion - many women struggle with this. They constantly apologize for having compassion, showing empathy, and even being vulnerable enough to shed a tear. Your emotions can be a strength! If you feel the need to apologize for your emotion, instead explain WHY your emotions are showing through. (Andrew Garfield on Jimmy Fallen show example)
  3. Having to Reschedule a Meeting - let them know you need to reschedule and thank them in advance for their flexibility.
  4. Leading When You are the Actual Leader - you have been placed in your leadership position for a reason. Don't apologize for making decisions! Hold your head high, honor and respect others, and lead with confidence.
  5. Things Outside of Your Control - you're not Super Woman. You are not God. Don't apologize for things you can't control. Be honest about the change of events and stay focused on problem solving and building hope when crisis happens.

Apologizing well is a leadership strength. A leader that apologizes intentionally is a leader worth following. Listen to episode 128 of the Fearless Feminine Leadership Podcast at the audio above, or find it on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, for more information and insight on this topic.


  •  What to do when your "open-door policy" starts to backfire on you.
  • How to fix the habit of apologizing for your emotions.
  • 3 things female leaders often apologize for and what to do instead.



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