What Makes Some People Resilient and Others Not?

blog leadership raychel perman rayma foundations resilience Sep 30, 2022

Resilience is the characteristic that makes you flexible when adversity and challenges happen in your life. It's one of the foundational leadership qualities we teach here at RAYMA Team. We all have challenges and adversity, so what makes some people resilient and others not? They grow in the behaviors that build resilience.

Let’s talk about a few of them:

  1. Resilient people process their feelings + handle their disappointments. Resilient people dig into the emotions they feel when adversity or challenges happen. They acknowledge their disappointment and process their feelings. Resilient people do not pretend they are "fine" when they are not. 
  2. Resilient people have a purpose keeps them going. When you have a purpose and a reason to get out of bed in the morning you will be more resilient. Resilient people know what they are on this earth for and that motivates them to keep going when life knocks them down.
  3. Resilient people embrace gratitude. Choosing to be grateful and have an "attitude of gratitude" is well researched mindset that is incredibly beneficial to your emotional and physical health. Resilient people embrace gratitude and are better able to recover well from adversity. Even when they don’t feel like it. 

Bottom line...When you grow in the behaviors that build self resilience like handling your disappointments, having a purpose that keeps your going, and embracing gratitude you will rise up stronger when others crumble other the pressure.

Remember your leadership matters. 

~Coach Raychel Perman 


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