When To Step Away From Volunteer and Advocacy Work

blog fearless feminine leadership podcast Oct 24, 2022
When To Step Away From Volunteer and Advocacy Work

Female Leaders have a lot of pressure put on them to not only prove their leadership abilities, but to also make sure they are giving a ton of time and money to every volunteer opportunity and advocacy group that comes their way.

There’s nothing wrong with volunteering or advocating for causes that you care about; however, it’s time we normalize the fact that not every Female Leader is in a season to give back in those ways.

And that’s okay.

Your work as a Female Leader and an entrepreneur is enough.

What you are already giving through your products and services and leadership is enough!

You’ve only got so much time and energy to give and it’s time to stop sacrificing your main priorities on the altar of “giving back.”

If this is resonating with you, and you've been questioning how to step away from volunteering for everything, let this be your permission slip. Listen in to discover 3 signs that it’s time to step away from volunteer and advocacy work...



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