Will the Real You Please Stand Up? Here's Some Simple Tips to Be More Authentic

authenticity blog raychel perman Sep 05, 2019

Authenticity is being true to your own unique self. It’s a genuineness that shines through and attracts others. Discovering who you are will make you a confident decision maker and trustworthy leader. Will the real you please stand up? Because we need you.

Our September/October focus in the EMERGE coaching program is on authenticity. Being more authentic is one of the 5 pillar characteristics we teach at RAYMA Team. We want to encourage and equip you to show up in real ways as your true self personally and professionally, whether you are in one of our programs or not! So, here are some simple tips to help you be more authentic:

#1- Get clear on your values

Authentic people have strong values and beliefs. They live their lives according to their values. They don't just adopt their friends or parents’ beliefs. Authentic people discover for themselves why they believe something. This can include spiritual beliefs, moral beliefs, or anything you believe holds value for you. Authentic people know exactly what their values are.

Coach prompt: Make a list of the 5-10 things you value and believe to be true.

#2- Express your thoughts and feelings

This can be one of the scariest things to do for many people, but authenticity demands we express our thoughts and feelings. Especially the ones that might make others mad at us or cause friction. But you can start with expressing your feelings of gratitude or appreciation. Thank someone for the impact they have made in your life. Practice saying the good stuff out loud first. Use your journal to process the sad, mad, and frustrating things until you're ready to express them. Writing your thoughts and feelings totally counts as authentic expression.

Coach prompt: Write someone a card, or send them a text, and let them know how much you appreciate them.

#3- Ask for help

Genuine people know they are not perfect, and they have no qualms about asking for help or guidance when they don't understand something. If you have a hard time asking for help you are simply not living authentically. We can't be experts all the time. We all need help to live well. Asking for help is a sign of maturity and humility. It shows you respect the talents and skills of other people and can learn from anyone. Don't suffer one more day! Ask for help.

Coach Prompt: What is one area of your life causing you stress that you could make easier by asking for help? Who could help you?

I've been on the personal and professional growth journey for almost a decade. Becoming my most authentic self hasn't been easy, but it's been worth it. Getting clear on my values, expressing my thoughts and feelings, and asking for help are all tools I use consistently to help me live authentically. They will work for you too!

If you need some help to live a more authentic life, I would be honored to walk beside you and give you guidance and accountability. You can find some options below for how we can work together.

With love and moxie,




Below are a few ways we can work together to help you become more authentically personally and professionally:

  1. Work privately with me, and the RAYMA Team professionals, to develop your most authentic brand with Business Consulting.
  2. Join our EMERGE monthly coaching membership where you will receive professional and personal group coaching at the basic as low as $37 a month (Levels available that include private coaching sessions, as well)
  3. Want to kick the tires first? Start with one of our free coaching tools and schedule a consultation to help you decide which area of coaching or consulting would help you the most!