4 Types of Value We All Offer

connection influence Mar 03, 2020

We all bring some sort of value to the table, no matter where we are. When you don’t know that you have value to offer, you don’t use it intentionally. Let’s quickly dive in to 4 Kinds of Value that we all have to offer.

Value 1: Functional Value

This is the solution that you offer. It can be a product, a service, a skillset, a communication style, etc. Employees can bring functional value simply by speaking up to offer a solution when needed. Entrepreneurs need to know the functional value they offer for their clients. And in our every day lives, we add functional value simply through the talents and gifts that we share. Self-awareness can even be a functional value!

Value 2: Monetary Value

Okay you might be thinking, “I don’t own a business. I work my job, I’m a full time employee. I don’t have any monetary value.”

That’s not true. Monetary value is a trade off between other values and the cost paid. So if you are an employee, your salary is your monetary value! But you also have the ability to add monetary value to your organization simply by helping your organization save money. Start thinking about how you can give your customers something extra - maybe a coupon or a free drink - that adds monetary value!

And in your personal life? You could become the person who decides to lead your family in following a budget and/or getting out of debt. That decision and the actions you take has HUGE monetary value attached to it!

Monetary value is even increased when we start thinking “what can I give?” If you give of your time, that usually helps another person or entity save money. And that helps you become a connector, making the monetary value stretch in unexpected ways.

Value 3: Psychological Value

This value boils down to how you make people feel. Or, how you want to make them feel. Do people feel better when they are around you? Or do they feel worse? When you hold space for other people, it adds a psychological value that is very valuable in every area of your life.

Ask yourself: How do I want to make people feel at my job? Online? When I’m in public? In my family?

Identify the answer to those questions and you’ll become intentional with the psychological value that you bring.

Value 4: Social Value

While similar to Psychological Value, it is still different. Social value is HOW you connect with people. Are you even connecting with other people? When you are introverted, it is easy to stand in line at Walmart, looking at your phone and hoping nobody talks to you. Including the checkout person. That is a crappy social value! TALKING to the people around you is social value!

Social media is a way to provide social value. But HOW are you doing it? One of the best ways to level up your social value is to give encouragement and offer tips from your area of expertise.

You are an influencer whether you realize it or not. Raising your level of awareness and intentionality with these four types of value will help you elevate your personal leadership in meaningful ways.

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Helping you live and lead well,
~Raychel and Mandy