Are Your Insecurities Leading You?

authenticity blog leadership mandy b. anderson women in leadership Apr 22, 2022

There’s a difference between your insecurities leading you and you leading authentically and vulnerably sharing your insecurities.


When your insecurities are leading you, you will experience things like:

❌ Being easily offended
❌ Judging others
❌ Being guarded, stiff, and stuffy
❌ Imposter syndrome
❌ Comparison and shame cycling

So HOW do you overcome your insecurities so that you can lead an authentic life and authentically lead others?

✅ Start assuming the best in people.
✅ Practice gratitude daily.
✅ Get clear on your Core Values.
✅ Start sharing what you’ve learned from your own hard circumstances.
✅ Face the lies and labels and learn how to focus on truth instead.

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Much love,

~Coach Mandy



Mandy B. Anderson is a Certified Life Coach, a Certified Executive Coach, and the Co-Founder of RAYMA Team. She was awarded the honor of being in the Top 25 Women in Business for 2020 by Prairie Business Magazine. Anderson lives by the water in North Dakota with her husband, Nate, and her furbaby, Indigo - a petite goldendoodle with a big personality. She loves to sip her coffee every morning and watch the sunrise, while most likely searching for the next perfect pair of stilettos. Learn how to work with her at