Five Signs that You are in the Right Relationship {LIVE with Coach Raychel}

blog healthy relationships raychel perman Aug 26, 2022

It's not that easy to know when you are in the right relationship. Most of us tend to repeat bad habits when it comes to romantic relationships. There is a reason they say "love is blind."  No  relationship is perfect; but, there here are five signs that indicate you are in the right relationship. 


1.    Genuine expressions of love

Everyone feels and expresses  love in different ways. You might feel loved when your significant other surprises you with flowers at work. Or, maybe you feel loved when they give you a sincere compliment or encourage you. When you are in a healthy relationship your partner will learn how to express their love for you in a way that in meaningful for you! If you are not sure what that is I encourage you to check out the book and test developed by Dr. Gary Chapman called "The Five Love Languages."

2.    Healthy Conflict

Conflict happens. You are two people with two different opinions, thoughts, and feelings and histories. Disagreements will happen. In fact,  how you fight is an indication of how healthy your relationship is. If you are in the right relationship you won't fight dirty. You keep things in the present and don't bring up the past to intentionally hurt your partner. You avoid words like "You always" and "You never" and you don't rip apart the other person's character. 

3. They Fit the Criteria 

You need to know what is important to you in a partner. You do this by creating a list.  Get specific on the kind of values, characteristics, and behavior you won't compromise on; and, don't be afraid to set your standards high. When you are in the right relationship your partner will fit most of the criteria.  This is a great way to weed out the bad ones from the good ones, when your heart is clouding your good judgement. 

4. Friends and Family Approve

If your family and friends do not approve of your partner this is a BAD sign. If they are genuinely concerned about something in your relationship don't dismiss it. Especially if it's behavior you have been questioning as healthy or not. Pay attention because the one's who love you the most, and whose opinions you value, are usually great barometers to your relationship. 

5. "We" Before "Me" 

How willing is your partner to put "We" before "Me" in the things that really matter? Are they selfish and unwilling to make spending time together as a couple a priority? If  you are in a healthy relationship there will be commitment to being together. 

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Bottom line: You will know you are in the right relationship if you use these 5 signs as a gauge: 

  1. Genuine expressions of love that are meaningful to you.
  2. Healthy conflict. 
  3. They fit the criteria. 
  4. Friends and family approve. 
  5. We before me. 

Ok friend, never forgot you matter- and so does your leadership. Talk to you again soon! 

With Grace & Grit, 

~Coach Raychel Perman