Practice NOW so you’re ready WHEN

mindset Feb 25, 2020

What you speak out loud, matters. You’ve got to practice telling yourself the right things BEFORE you get in the game. Because by the time you get to the game, it’s too late.

Some people call this practicing affirmations. We call it Truth Statements®. And it’s important for a reason: Truth Statements® help you build a strong mindset.

The number one person that we believe, is ourself! What we tell ourselves matters. It matters that you have a strong mindset based on truth and not lies and negativity. Many of us struggle with the lies and negative thoughts. Studies are crazy when we compare how often we think things that just aren’t true.

Here’s the lie: some people think you will just KNOW what to say in the moment without practicing and being prepared. They gather content and memes on social media and it just sits in their social media space but they don’t actually practice SPEAKING IT out loud for their own ears to hear. They think they will just pull it out miraculously in the moment they need it. That’s not how it works.

What you practice is what you perform.

Our minds will automatically go back to what our training is. Your mind is being trained constantly. By television. The news. Your social media newsfeed. The people in your home. Your co-workers. Your mind is being trained constantly!

Unless you choose to focus on intentionally training your mind and making sure you are on the right station in your own brain, you will constantly have other filters feeding it. And not all filters are created equal.

Think of it this way: An athlete doesn’t visualize putting the basketball in the hoop when he’s in the game. It’s already too late for that. He’s IN the game then! No. He visualizes putting the basketball in the hoop when he practices. When he eats and goes to sleep. He visualizes everything BEFORE the game because then his brain will go into auto pilot when it counts. He might not feel on his A-game during the game, but if he has practiced and trained well, he knows he can do it even on his worst day.

Your mindset works the same way.

Need a place to start? Go set a reminder on your phone to pop up every morning and every evening for the next 30 days that simply says this: Yes, I can. Follow up the word “can” with whatever you keep telling yourself you can’t do or the thing you beat yourself up for. This simple action step is something we teach our Leadership University Members each month and when they follow through with it, they see BIG results.

What you speak about yourself, matters. Practice speaking positive Trust Statements® now, so you are ready when the lies and negative thoughts come in.

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Helping you live and lead well,
~Raychel and Mandy