Your YES Matters!

mindset Mar 10, 2020

What does it actually mean when you say YES to something?

Most people don’t think about the ramifications of their YES.

YES is a long game. When we say yes to something, we have to follow through on it even when we don’t feel like it. It usually ends up being weeks or months later that we have to walk through the completion of that yes and we don’t think about the responsibilities that will be involved.

Every time we say yes to something, we should be thinking about whether or not we have the capacity in our life to follow through with it. So let’s consider this…

If you say YES to being a leader, you are saying YES to working on your own issues and character even when it is uncomfortable. Why? Because people like to follow people that can lead themselves first. We typically don’t like following people that say one thing and do another.  To be an effective leader, you must be able to lead yourself first. Your YES matters.

We need to face this! A reality check is good to have because if you don’t face the habits that are keeping you stuck, and you don’t realize the deeper responsibilities you are stepping into with your YES, you won’t be able to make it as a leader.

If you say YES to writing a book, you are saying YES to spending a lot of time alone so you can focus and actually write the story! So many people think that they should write a book, but they aren’t comfortable sitting alone with their thoughts long enough to capture them on paper.

Saying YES to any goal is basically a YES to being a self-starter and being self-motivated. Here’s the good news: You have the ability to follow through well! You just might need to take a few moments to get clear on what you are actually saying YES to.

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And remember: YES is a long game. Know what you’re getting into before you commit.

Helping you live and lead well,
~Raychel and Mandy