What To Do With Imposter Syndrome

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What To Do With Imposter Syndrome

Tell me if this sounds like you:

  • You constantly doubt your skills and abilities.
  • You often downplay your accomplishments.
  • You fear that someday you will be outed as a fraud.

If you said yes to one or more of those statements... you may have imposter syndrome.  While not an actual mental health condition, this phenomenon affects the majority of women (and men) at some point in their lives no matter what their career path. In short, imposter syndrome is a serious form of self-doubt and insecurity.  


So, what do you do with imposter syndrome? You build your confidence.


Monique Tallon, author of the book Leading Gracefully: A Woman’s Guide to Confident, Authentic, & Effective Leadership, says women are confident when they believe they have value to offer and take action on those beliefs. She also describes self-confidence as a feeling - a deep inner knowing that is sometimes hard to explain or pinpoint. For some women it’s a feeling of excitement or passion. For others that inner knowing is calm, collected and peaceful. 

When I get the honor of working with a client on building her self-confidence, we focus first on what confidence means to her and what it feels like when she has been confident in the past. If thoughts create beliefs, and beliefs create actions, then we must start at the source.

We all have an inner mean girl. And it’s time to learn how to shut her up.

You deal with imposter syndrome when you know how to remind yourself of the the truth that you are worthy and powerful beyond all measure. You were created by the Divine and no longer have to question your own worth. Your confidence does not come from anything outside of you; it comes from inside.


You are not an imposter. You are enough.


It’s time to change the conversation in your head from “Am I enough?” to “I am enough…now, what’s next?” Like one of our coaches, Lindsey Nadler says, “Enoughness and worthiness is baseline.”

When you learn how to walk in your worthiness you will fix the self-doubt and insecurities of Imposter Syndrome. Magic happens when you take action to build your self-confidence with steady decisions, and brave action steps over time. You are enough... what's next? 

With grace & grit,

~Coach Raychel


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Raychel Perman is a Certified Life & Leadership Coach, Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Podcast Co-Host, and Co-Founder of RAYMA Team.  She shares her story of overcoming trauma and living with mental health challenges & chronic pain to inspire others that brokenness does not disqualify you from living and leading well. It prepares you. 

She has a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and Christian Counseling from Liberty University. Raychel, her husband Josh, and her three children make their home in North Dakota. She loves coffee, gemstones, and rocking the boat.