Don't Let Your Calendar Run Your Life

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I was at a networking meeting yesterday morning and the topic of schedules came up. One of the men in the group said this quote:

"You run your calendar, don't let your calendar run you."

Many of us in the room were nodding our heads in agreement. And then a fellow female business owner spoke up and asked:

"Can you explain what that means?"

I loved her question so much because so often when the topic of time management comes up, we gloss over it and "agree" with what is said, but how often do we actually know what it means to apply what is said?

This business professional went on to explain it like this:

"Basically it means you set your schedule for the day and tell people when you're available. You let clients know you're available during time A or time B - which works for you? You set the standard instead of running around chasing your tail and rearranging your day to meet everyone else's needs."

He is exactly right. Over the last eight years of coaching thousands of people, women struggle with this the most. Women tend to want to please everyone and they sacrifice their own needs on the alter of productivity and connection. Every time a female client comes to us with a confidence, people pleasing, and time management issue we will ask her what her schedule is. And 90% of the time the answer is, "Well, I have a schedule but I am not consistent with it." Or some form of that answer.

If you've struggled with this issue, it's time to face it. Don't let your calendar run your life! Set some healthy boundaries and adhere to them. Get help and work with a Coach for a few months if you must! Whatever it takes to gain control of this problem - do it. I guarantee that once you fix this problem area, you'll be more productive and less stressed.

Helping you live and lead well,

~Coach Mandy


Mandy B. Anderson is a Certified Life Coach, a Certified Executive Coach, and the Co-Founder of RAYMA Team. She was awarded the honor of being in the Top 25 Women in Business for 2020 by Prairie Business Magazine. Anderson lives by the water in North Dakota with her husband, Nate, and her furbaby, Indigo - a petite goldendoodle with a big personality. She loves to sip her coffee every morning and watch the sunrise, while most likely searching for the next perfect pair of stilettos. Learn how to work with her at