NDT Today: What You Need to Know About Burnout

blog mandy b. anderson media ndt women in leadership Aug 30, 2022
Studies show that women report higher rates of burnout then men. Typical trainings on this topic give you empty promises of "avoiding or preventing" burnout. The truth is, avoiding or preventing burnout doesn't work!
Burnout is caused by stress. Since it is impossible to avoid stress completely, we must learn to honor it when it shows up. In this video, Coach Mandy sheds light on the symptoms of burnout, and what you can do to honor it when it shows up.

(Special Thanks to KFYR-TV for permission to use this video on our website. You can view the original video on their website at https://www.kfyrtv.com/video/2022/08/30/nd-today-what-you-need-know-about-burnout/.)

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