What Female Leaders Need to Know About Respect

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Here’s what female leaders need to know about respect: You must have enough self-respect to stand up for yourself and address disrespect when it happens.

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You need to know how to have healthy boundaries and guard them. As a Female Leader, you are always teaching people how to treat you, and others, by what you allow. For instance:

  • If you let people disrespect you by constantly rolling their eyes at you or blowing up in anger at you, then you’ve taught them that it’s okay not to respect you.
  • If you reply to client messages at all hours of the day, then you’ve taught them that not respecting your work hours is okay.
  • If you wait to start the team meeting until everyone arrives - 10 minutes late - then you’ve taught them to not respect your time or anyone else’s.

Respect starts with you and there are a million different ways that you allow people to disrespect you.

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