ND Today: 3 Signs of Insecurity

blog leadership mandy b. anderson media mindset ndt Aug 31, 2023

There’s a difference between your insecurities leading you and you leading authentically. Once you grasp the art of leading with authenticity, your potential as a leader within your sphere of influence will soar.

You cannot lead others if you don’t know how to lead yourself first.

So let’s talk about what it looks like when your insecurities are leading you, and HOW you can start to overcome them.

Watch the video above to discover 3 Signs of Insecurity as a Leader. (Special thanks to KFYR-TV for the replay of this video - visit https://www.kfyrtv.com/video/2023/08/31/nd-today-3-signs-insecurity/  for the original video post.)


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