The Sneaky Reason You Struggle With Stress

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Dear Leader: If you’re struggling with managing your stress, THIS is for you.

An inability to manage stress is a sign that you are lacking in the leadership foundation of RESILIENCE. According to, one of the meanings of the word resilient is “recovering readily from illness, depression, adversity, or the like; buoyant.” Other words to describe someone who is resilient are: strong and tough. If you are struggling to manage your stress you need to increase your self-awareness and look at behaviors, thoughts, and actions you might be neglecting right now. 

Chances are, you are neglecting something other than the obvious.

Neglect causes you to stop paying attention to the things that really matter. And many leaders will neglect themselves physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually while telling themselves it’s for the good of their team or organization. Or, nothing will get done if you take the time away to take care of yourself. This is simply not true. Neglect takes away your ability to be resilient. 

The ability to manage stress is directly tied to self-awareness.

Your ability to be strong mentally and emotionally is directly tied to how well you take care of yourself physically! And vice versa. You can't neglect your way into strength and health. Building self-awareness allows you to see the red flags your body is sending to you before its too late and you have a health crisis. 

And your ability to build a strong team of healthy people is directly related to your ability to be self-aware and pull the weeds of neglect from your personal and professional life. When you take care of the things that matter, including yourself, you will cause build trust with you and the people you lead. 


That’s the leadership foundation you need to build right now if you are struggling to manage your stress.  You must increase your self-awareness and look at the behaviors, thoughts, and actions you might be neglecting right now that build resilience. 

If this resonates with you on any level, let’s work together! Here are a couple options: 

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If you’re ready to stop struggling with managing your stress, then take action today to step into the shoes of a RESILIENT Leader.

With Grace & Grit, 
~Coach Raychel


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