What is Balance for One Leader is Chaos for Another

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Today I want to talk about balance. Now stay with me because I promise it's not your typical conversation about balance. I want to tell you that What is Balance for One Leader is Chaos for Another and WHY this matters. 

One of the Core Leadership Characteristics we teach at RAYMA Team is Motivation. But... we teach it with a twist.

It's really more about self-motivation and being able to keep going when you want to quit- especially when no one is cheering for you. It's the M in RAYMA!  And, you know what robs my motivation quicker than anything? Stress and overwhelm. When I’m feeling stretched thin and my motivation starts to tank, I try to look at how I’m balancing my life and work responsibilities and see if something is out of whack. 

But before we get too far, let’s get clear on what work-life balance means.

One definition of balance is equal. It’s this idea that when you spend equal amounts of time, or energy, in all areas of your life and work you will have work-life balance. But you are not a math equation or a formula to be solved. Equal doesn’t mean equal with humans! “Mental steadiness or emotional stability. A habit of calm behavior and judgment.” I promise we didn’t make this definition up. Look up the word balance in the dictionary and you will see for yourself it means so much more than just equal. 

I have found I must prioritize the things that make me feel steady, stable, and calm to create this kind of balance.

This takes intentional planning. There will be seasons of your life where you will spend more time and energy in your personal life. And there will be seasons when you spend more time and energy in your work life. They will rarely be equal. And when you know balance is about your mental and emotional steadiness, you can feel successful no matter where you must focus. 

Could it be your life feels unbalanced, and you lack motivation, because your emotions and mental state are unbalanced?

Not because there are not enough hours in your schedule? Let’s be real, you might have to say no to some things that are not priorities right now. But if you don’t address the fact that your emotional and mental health are plummeting it won’t matter how many things you say no to or how often you re-do your schedule. You will still feel out of balance. 

Work-life balance is personal. What is balance for one woman will be chaos for another. It’s not one-size-fits-all or static solution. It should change and adjust over time and with the varying demands each season of life brings. Only you can decide what is work life balance for you.

if you have a chronic illness, mental health issue, chronic pain, an invisible illness - or your partner or child does - your work-life balance will look different!

It must. And that is okay. You are creating balance in your life - not anyone else’s. It’s your motivation and goals that are at stake. Work-life balance is not a magical state you finally reach. It is a daily choice to create mental and emotional stability for yourself no matter your circumstances. Work-life balance is calm behavior and rational decisions - regardless of busy schedules and stressful deadlines. 

If this topic resonates with you...

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The bottom like is... 

Balance is not one size fits all. Balance for one leader is chaos for another. And you deserve to find balance for you! It just takes action and a willingness to be vulnerable. You must first assess how you are doing mentally and emotionally. Then you can make the changes necessary so you can feel steady, stable, and calm. 

 Talk to you next week! 

~Coach Raychel 

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